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So, poema, are you planning on toning down your intensity?  monitoring heartrate?  I'm used to pushing myself pretty hard during workouts in an effort to lose weight/tone up/get fitter.  And it worked. But now, obviously I need to transition to taking it a little easier.  Just not sure exactly how, and would love to hear what other are doing to make sure they are exercising safely.  
OMG I am so sorry you are in this situation.  How shocking and utterly upsetting.  
Funny, I had cramping in the middle of the night last night too.  Wasn't horribly painful, but noticed it after waking to pee.  Took me a while to fall asleep after and it settled down.  
What about the Bay Clinic?
Is anyone else besides sycsibert keeping track of heartrate?  I haven't been able to find good information, most places say keep it below 140. I'm not exactly sure why.  Anyone have any good info about it?
I gave up my morning cup already.  I love having my morning coffee and will probably add it back in after the first tri.  I'm just not comfortable drinking coffee during the first trimester, even though after hours of research it seems like in moderation its fine.  
I did my second marathon in December...and struggled with ITBS throughout training.  So, after the marathon I decided I would take a decent amount of time off to recover.  I bought a spin bike and have been doing that 50 min 3x a week.  I also lift weight, and do pilates a couple of times a week.     After my son was born I joined weight watchers, and ended up loosing 60lbs, which I've kept off for 2 years now.  I'm in the best shape I have been in for quite a while....
I'm feeling very mild nausea so far, plus pressure, mild cramping.  Awful nausea usually hits around 6 weeks, but I'm trying to stay positive about the experience.  I've been through it twice and can get through it again.  No breast tenderness whatsoever.  
Hi Everyone!  I'm very excited to be here, and it's really nice reading and getting to know you all.    I'm 27, have a almost 8 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son.  I loved being part of the ddcs with my son, and am glad to be back here again.     We just started to ttc this month.  I'm utterly shocked it happened so soon.  But thrilled. It looks like my due date will be around 11/11.   I just ran a marathon in December and am looking forward to staying...
oh yes, Contrariety.  Those Reese's candies are evil indeed.  I am just drawn to them like crazy....which is why I never allow them in my house!  
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