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We decided to pass on the stroller with dd. We did end up buying a cheapy ($10) umbrella stoller when dd was a little less than year. We did a lot of babywearing, and I never felt like I needed a stoller. When dd was about 6 months old, we did buy an affordable jogging stoller, as I wanted to start running again. For walks though, I kept carrying dd (in the Ergo usually, or the backpack). No harm in waiting...I always felt much more free without a stroller. We...
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelaB Makes me feel so good! I agree, it makes me feel really good too. It is really my favorite part of pregnancy
I would recommed you read "Birthing from Within"- I really feel like it helped me prepare for my dd's birth. I did attend a hospital class with her, it was focused on natural pain relief techniques, it was awesome. But of course, I wouldn't expect most hospital classes to be that way. So, no, I don't think they are "necessary". Each woman prepares for her labor/birth in her own way
Congrats! Personally, this pregnancy has become much more "real" now that we know we are having a son. But it does still feel weird to call him "him"! I guess we will get more used to it as more time passes
I made my own belly cast with my dd, at about 37 weeks. But you can really do it anytime I am not in your ddc, but am kind of close It was very easy, and much cheaper then buying a "kit". At our local craft store, I bought 3 rolls of plaster gauze (I think I bought Rigid Wrap brand). 3 rolls was more than enough. I also bought a tub of vaseline. I had my husband and mother help me, as they had to work quickly as it dries rather fast. Here are some pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ackray I liked my boppy. But I'm going to get My Breast Friend this time. LOL. I liked My Breast Friend. But I'm going to get a boppy this time! I didn't love My Breat Friend, but I really hated that when I got up, it was still on me. This may be great for some, but I am willing to try a different pillow this time around. I'm not in your ddc
My dd was born on her due date, exactly 40 weeks. From water breaking to birth: 13 hours From first regular contraction (15 min or less apart) to water breaking: 48+ hours. I was very very tired from not sleeping much the two days prior to my water breaking. It was way way longer than I would have every imagined it would be. BUT....I did it, without any pain medications or interventions.... I was hoping it would be a "fast" labor, it was not meant to be. Long...
Quote: Originally Posted by noordinaryspider I'm not a fan of that president either. He kind of ruined that name for me. same issue here
tomato, mozzarela and basil salad...I just can't get enough. Yes, peaches and nectarines!
We celebrated 20 weeks just 3 days ago. My dh took my dd and myself out to dinner, a special way for us to celebrate this mark.
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