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DS just turned 3 and says puh-kooter for computer and croco-tiger for crocodile. He loves playing "the crocotiger game" on my iPad, aka Where's My Water, if you know it.
I got mine done at CVS and did get the info sheet first, and i also filled out a form. They even gave me the preservative free shot since I'm nursing.
I'm in the Northeast, too. When I had DS, the neonatologist (who was against RIC) was saying that one of the reasons rates are lower on the west coast is because over here OBs do it, while over there it is done by pediatricians. He said that pediatricians are less likely to want to perform them. Not sure if this is true or not, but its an interesting idea
I'm not rrrrrachel but it means "too long, didn't read"
You should have just brought your baby to the bachelorette parties! What better way for a woman to get excited about her future married life and potential family than seeing how great it is to never leave your kids more than an hour, no matter what, until they're in high school! I'm sure she'd be SO excited to breastfeed.    
I've had pretty bad SPD with both pgs, but not until a lot further along. I bought a support belt, but I'm hoping I might not need it this time.
Third and last here. I joke that if I need a c-section, I'll have them tie my tubes while they're in there. If not, dh will be getting the snip.   Althiugh just the other day it hit me that this would be my last pg, my last baby. I'm not sure how I feel about that. My hands are so full as it is, but I know I will be so sad to know I will never have another baby.
Chinese gender calendar was correct for my first two, and says this one is a girl... Which I'm kind of hoping it is!   My first two pgs (boy and girl) were SO different, and this one has aspects from both. I really hope I can not give in and wait until birth to find out.
I am SO GLAD someone else has posted this because I am convinced I am feeling movement as well. I am 10 weeks. With my last two I didn't feel movement until closer to the halfway point.
It sounds like you used the birth certificates to get copies of SS cards when the child already had a SSN. Not that you used the BC to register for the SSN in the first place. Is that correct?
New Posts  All Forums: