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I just wanted to share that I had a doula for both of my home births and I'm so glad!  With my first doula, she mainly kept me fed and watered and did any kind of "grunt work" necessary so my partner could stay by my side.     My second doula was also a licensed MW and acupuncturist, so she really helped me mentally and with pain management!  Afterwards she encapsulated my placenta for me, and did a few trips to the store and such.  I was lucky she lived so close and...
  First, I just want to offer some support.  It's tough.  You'll get through it.  This won't last forever.  Promise!   I also want to say that the nursing relationship is just that:  a relationship.  If it's not working for you to continue to nurse, then it's okay to think about weaning.     Is it possible to have someone else besides you put him to bed for a while (especially if you decide to try to wean)?     Another option might be to bring your son's bed into your...
We also have an IKEA latex mattress, though I forget the exact model.  We love it!  By far the most comfortable mattress we've slept on.     We had wanted to get an organic handmade one from a local mattress shop, but in the end we just couldn't afford it.  The IKEA mattress was just as comfortable, but less than half the price.     We tossed our memory foam mattress, too.  Yuck!  So smelly.
I just wanted to offer up that my DS was 2y4m when his little brother was born and we all continued to sleep together in the big (king) family bed.  Everyone adjusted and it was fine.  Very few wake-ups! The biggest change was that DH became DS1's snuggle/sleep buddy and relocated to the other side of the bed to put some space and bodies between him and the newborn.     It has worked out great for us!  I wonder if something like that could work for you, too. 
I have a blog, but it's about family bike riding. :)
Seems like things are going well for you, BFM!  So glad to hear it.  Looking forward to future updates. :)
I dumpster dove a lot in college.  Some friends and I were part-time freegans.  We knew when/where a lot of the plants in town tossed expired stuff.  It was all still in the package, just a day past its sell date. So, why not?  But it was mostly pretty unhealthy packaged stuff, so eventually we stopped.
I'm in the Pacific Northwest and have also lived in the Midwest--never heard "top up."
  Yeeeaaahhh.... no, thanks. 
Hi, and welcome!  I'm sure we'll see you around here a lot since you have soooo much free time. ;)   Seriously, though:  Welcome to MDC. :)
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