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Nurse and cuddle/rock, then lay her down in her crib awake. I leave my hand on her back (no rubbing) until she is asleep. Some nights I can leave beofre she is asleep, some nights I can't. Her crib is right beside our bed.
My dd has been falling asleep at night on her own for the past week She started falling asleep without nursing for her naps and I was really hopeful this would happen at night as well. She still nurses before I lay her in her crib (sidecar arrangement) as it seems to help relax her, but the actual falling asleep she does on her own. I am still laying near her in our bed and I imagine there will come a day when I won't need to be, but I am so glad we have come this far.
I would imagine that your DH has trouble expressing his emotions. My DH does, but we have a girl, so he is ok with her feelings. Im sorry I don't have any real advice for you.
Quote: Originally posted by Tigerchild 3. Allow you to get away with not holding your children during an important activity. I don't understand. I like holding my DH's hand when we go for walks, so I can see why my dd likes to be held when we are out and about (and she likes her stroller too). But I don't get it, why would I hold my child while they are eating? Obviously I am talking about solid food.
My dd is rarely nursing to sleep for her naps anymore. I try and if she latches off and gets distracted I sit her up in her crib (side car arrangement) and i lay down next to her. She plays for about 20 mins and then starts to fuss. I lay her down and cuddle her, rub her back until she falls asleep. I wish I could offer more suggestions to you.
Maybe he is ready to learn how to fall asleep without nursing?
I am a very routine oriented person. it was a difficult adjustment, at first, to have a newborn in the house. I don't think we developped a real daily routine until a couple of months ago, except her bedtime routine which I knew was important. As a teacher I believe that most children thrive in an environment that provides structure. Little ones especially like knowing through environmental cues that lunchtime is coming or it's almost time for a bath, it helps them...
I prefer Captain Optimism's advice. Trying to make your partner feel guilty is manipulative and not very productive. The best you can do is express your feelings in an honest way and then the rest is up to your husband. Do you have a friend or family member who can be there for support? Sending positive thoughts your way. Take care.
Dd loves peekaboo. I put a receiving blanket over her head and when she pulls it off I yell "Peekaboo!" and she squeals like a dickens. Lately we have been putting the blanket over the cat and she pulls it off and I yell peekaboo. Cat likes it too
We really make an effort to all eat together, it doesn't happen every night but usually 5 out of 7. Growing up, everyone ate together at my dad's, but not at my mom's. I remember liking meal times better at my dad's.
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