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  Yeah that! No one will be shaking their heads over lateness...they'll be too busy cooing over the cute baby pic! Send them when you get a chance and don't worry about it!
Add Fionn to the list of enormous babies...he was over 19lbs at 4mo well visit. He's all cheeks and thighs. So yummy!
  Here's my Fionn!
I am sorry beyond words, Adaline'smama. I will keep you and your sweet baby boy in my thoughts and prayers.
Oh my goodness...TeamGR, your Finn and my Fionn (we opted for the Irish spelling) look like twins!
I'm chuckling...I could see all of those things happening with my DH too. Great story!
What an amazing story! I'm so struck by reading story after story in our DDC where incredibly strong mamas follow their instincts and trust their bodies. It's so inspiring!
Wow! Absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your beautiful little one!   Another fast February birth!
That sounds pretty normal--my guess is that she's working on a bit of gas and feels uncomfortable for a second.
At midnight on the night of the full moon, I felt a gush of water. I felt pretty nonchalant about it, because this was exactly how my labor began with DS2. Since it took 24 hours for my contractions to begin last time, I resolved myself to not get excited, or rush around to clean and prepare, but to rest and relax. The waters were clear, so I changed my clothes, put on a pad, got back into bed, and decided that I'd call the midwife at a reasonable hour in the...
New Posts  All Forums: