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Sierra - no offense taken -- was just replying on a short time limit... had to run - hope it didn't come across as rude. ;-)
I try to never make rash decisions about anything. I certainly will not let the vax issue affect this situation - I was simply asking if there was any way around it. I got my answer - which pretty much confirmed what I already knew. As long as they are a ward of the state we have no say in that matter. So be it.
Beth - you are correct - we do not have an identified child. We don't know how old the child will be (other than 3 or younger- as I posted originally - to preserve the birth order) or anything. Hopefully we can "delay" the pox vax (dealy until she actually gets pox and then doesn't need it...LOL) but if we have to do it, we will. Our caseworker has also told us to let people know we are going through the process to adopt in the (one in a million) chance that we...
hmmmm... interesting thing to think about - recommended vs required. Thank you for that thought. They give the first CP vax @ 12 months old and a booster sometime around the 4 - 5 yr old mark. What do you mean by "local HMN mommas"? (HMN?) Probably something obvious, but my mind isn't working well yet today. LOL
Thanks for the additional comments. And, yes, the goal is adoption and our caseworker has said she won't place kids with us that are not on the path to TPR. We did say that we would consider short term emergency placements if necessary, and, if shots were required during the time we had an emergency placement, of course we would follow the standard vax schedule. This question is intended to be specifically about a child that we (hopefully) will adopt. My biggie is...
Thanks. That's pretty much what I figured. It wasn't really on my mind until DS got the pox (finally!) 2 weeks ago and now we're thinking about it more. I understand the reasoning and all - was just hoping there might be a way around it for at least delaying/selective vaxing.
We are in the process of being approved for foster to adopt. IF we get a child that is under 1 year old, will we be FORCED to follow the traditional vax schedules? I'm in the delay/spread out vax frame of mind with a full on distrust and dislike of the chicken pox vax. (we are looking for an age range of newborn - 3 yrs old - maintaining DS's birth order) I know if we get an older child the vax process will already be underway and there is nothing we can do about...
The blanket my son received from his OT was a chambered blanket that had tube socks filled with rice in each of the chambers. Just pull them out to adjust the weight and for cleaning. Easy peasy. (velcro at the bottom to hold it shut)
I have a friend who has a DD 1 month older than my DS. She sounds a lot like your DD. She didn't start to walk until she was over 2. I remember they delayed her going from the nursery to the 2-4 year old Sunday School room. I don't know when she started crawling, but I remember when she was in the bouncy activity ring she'd never use her legs to bounce and when she was on the floor she kind of pulled herself around with her arms not using her legs to crawl. Now, at 3...
I thought I read somewhere that people mailed clothing or something to help spread the CP (to people that wanted it, of course!). Anyone know if this can be done? And, if so, any idea on the specifics? (how long does the virus live off the host, best items to send etc) I tried doing a web search, but nothing came up. Thanks, Robin
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