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Thanks for sharing your experiences! I guess I will go ahead with the ultrasound. The link was helpful to read - thanks, texaspeach. I am not super worried, but more along the lines of curious... bb
Hello! It has been just ages since I've checked in at these boards, but I was once an avid reader and occasional poster. I really do not know anyone who I could ask about this, so here I am. I had an annual ob/gyn checkup today, and I mentioned offhandedly that, while my youngest weaned a year and a half ago, I still have small amounts of liquid that come out if I should try to hand express. (I have tried this absentmindedly from time to time.) What's more, the...
What is the origin of the phrase: "so we've got that going for us"? It's driving me crazy...
My parents paid for most of my undergraduate degree (at a state school - if it had been private I would have wound up with more loans), both with loans they took out and savings. I paid for my master's. I haven't started college savings plans for my kids. Wish I could, but we just don't have the funds - we're still paying off our own advanced degrees! We'll help our kids as much as we can in any way we can (financial and otherwise), both with school and other life...
Very little counter space here, too. I have on the back of the sink: soap dish, sponge, dish soap. On one side of sink: dish drainer. On other: coffeemaker (and sometimes dirty dishes). Over on our dishwasher I keep a long, narrow basket with salt, pepper, vitamins, and dh's medicines. The microwave and toaster are over on a table. Next to the microwave is my trouble clutter spot!
What we did was to put a crib mattress on the floor next to our king-sized bed for ds (3) when the new baby came. Not sure if that would work for you if a twin wouldn't fit. Another thing that worked for us on occasion was for me to sleep with the two kids (between them, with the baby next to the wall) and dh to sleep in ds's twin bed in another room, but that might not work for your dh since he's so tall. (Not sure if he'd even fit diagonally!) Good luck to you,...
It seems silly to post about this in this forum, but here goes. I've been using Proactiv since July, and my complexion is doing very well on it. I noticed recently at Costco that they are carrying a 3-step system that seems to be the same (like a generic), but naturally priced better. I don't want to mess with a good thing, though, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows if the Costco version might be the exact same thing. Thanks! Becca
Thanks - I finally fixed it! I'll check out Safari; thanks for the tip.
I have inadvertently added two icons/website to my back/forward/refresh/etc. toolbar. I think this happened just by dragging them up there. Now I'd like to get rid of them! Any ideas? Thanks- Becca
I just searched for this thread to find the list I'd posted; thought I'd bump it in case it's helpful to anyone else!
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