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Has anyone tried Mixed Chick hair products? Just wondering how well it works before I place an order. gerlassie
Quiet holiday...my Mom turned 80 on Friday! gerlassie
Hi All! Just checking in. I have a horrible cold and oddly enough, I usually find out that I'm pregnant once I've recovered. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of healthy holiday babies! gerlassie
I too am happy that they have a healthy baby...and I want to be clear that I am not judging. I do however worry about their child's future. Will she ever be able to have a normal ( for lack of a better word, I've been up since 4am ) childhood? gerlassie
Just wanted to give you a HUG!!! My husband is a stone cold alcoholic and I have reached out before and found that many here were willing to listen and lend kind words. We have our good days and our bad and I spend a lot of time trying to shelter my children. It's hard and I keep it all to myself. Anyway, my best to you and stay strong. gerlassie
If I naturally have low progesterone levels during the begining of my pregnancies, should I cut back on nursing ( my Little One is 9 mos ). I had a MC while nursing my 1 yo son. Of course I know that my loss could have been caused by anything but, I was just wondering. gerlassie
WOW! That certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. Who's their target...and am I to feel badly for enjoying wearing my Little One and not obstructing sidewalk space? Yes, I do have a bad back and hip from a injury a few years back but, my child and carrier are not to blame. Thankfully we don't use that product...and never will. gerlassie
My Little One will get clogged tear ducts and I simply use a cotton ball dipped in warm water to clean it. The tear duct will clear itself in a couple of days but, pink eye will get progressively worse. gerlassie
It was either the Discovery Network or Dicsovery Health. I just googled it and there are quite a few sites...photos, clips. If you catch it in a re-run please let me know. gerlassie
Did I mention that I'm willing to pay and will provide all materials. Thanks, gerlassie
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