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Hospice will offer many resources. The doctor has to order the services, and if the person who needs services isn't ready, they can offer the caregiver assistance in other areas. Also, you will want to check other options as well - if the spouse was/is a Veteran, the VA provides services.. you need to apply and ask for them. If they have assets, you want to speak with an elder law attorney who can advise you of the best things to do and in what order. Hospice...
Hugs and warm thoughts to your friend, her DD and you. My brother had cardiomyopathy, he was diagnosed at 19. He was on a large regimen of drugs and was told he didn't have long to live, he was morbidly obese - weighed over 400 lbs.. hopefully your friend follows the doctor's orders, takes her meds, treats her diabetes, and starts to improve greatly. My brother lived more than a year longer than they said he would,  he did get put on the transplant list but didn't live...
While you're factoring in the expenses of the move, also remember that you will have state taxes done for both states because he works in one state and lives in the other..there's more in regards to expenses/costs that you need to count  
What I don't understand is why your children, who aren't toddlers, don't know the address of where they have been staying with the GF and their father that you can't get an address for? I would also instruct them to speak with their teacher/guidance counselor/principal at school daily about where they spent the night, if they ate or not and any abuse they may have endured. All that will be provided to CPS as well for use in the investigation. Of course I would tell...
2 airline tickets from New England to Florida for my daughter and grandson to come visit for the summer. As of today when I bought the tickets I'd still have $350 left over and I would spend it taking my grandson (he'll be 3 in July) to various FL attractions for children- NOT Disney!!
My brother died on Memorial Day. It was a horrible weekend, it will be 22 years this Memorial Day and until last year and extensive therapy I would bury my head under the covers for the entire weekend. While the country is having their 1st cookouts of the year, etc.. I just sat and cried.  My family understands and my friends know and care.. so that makes it easier. This year I expect it not to hurt anymore. It's very difficult when a loved one dies on a holiday but...
I'd also love to know the company if you would PM me.. as I am always looking for a good place to buy grandchildren gifts. Thanks and many congratulations!
I agree, you can call the hospital's gift shop and ask them what they have and the prices - they can charge your credit/debit card and deliver it up to the patient. I would have never thought of this until my grandson was in the hospital 1500 miles away and I wanted to send him some toys to play with while he was there since his mom couldn't leave to go get him anything and he was there for about 3 days. Worked out well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carita my mom makes it with smoked shoulder, cabbage, carrots, potato & onion. no spices needed, no presoaking needed. save the ham stock for pea soup or lentils latetr & use all leftovers to make hash! mmmm!!! That's how my mom made it too, but with a head of cabbage as well - no turnip. I don't make it because I don't like it.. never did.
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