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thank you everyone, I can't wait to try them out! Our sweet babe will be here in a couple weeks so I better get washing!!!!!!
Hi Mamas, It's been a long time since I've posted and even longer since I've had a babe in diapers. I have a new little blessing coming in about 2 weeks and started her newborn diaper collection. I have bought a few bamboo diapers and am very excited and curious about them. Is there any special washing instructions for them? I would love some extra info on them and why they're so popular. Thank you so much in advance and I can't wait to have a baby in cloth...
that's a great idea!!! I'm going to try it Thank you
dearest Mamas, Thank you all for your kind greetings. I'm looking forward to being part of this amazing community again. I'm really looking forward to meeting this little guy/gal. I feel so incredibly blessed and pray all is healthy I'll keep everyone posted and thank again And CONGRATULATIONS to all of you as well!!!!:
Thank you all for your support and welcome I haven't told many in my family yet because I'm afraid they will be quite negative since I was very sick the last few years (but I'm feeling amazing now!!!) All of the kids know and are very excited Yes, I was referring to Sensory Integration Disorder and have seen it as SPD too... I should probably write SPD when writing about it. Nicole, how is your child doing? Again, thank you for the warm welcome and I hope to...
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us and congratulations on the birth of your sweet girl. Have a wonderful babymoon...
I'm from Wolcott, CT.... anyone from our area????
Hi Mamas, I've been "lurking" in the Feb due date club but afraid to post an intro. I'm due Feb 19th with an incredible miracle baby. This babe was a (wonderful) surprise, we were told we couldn't have any more babies and I was not the "healthiest" when I got pregnant (I was on Chemo for Ovarian cancer, ironically). So far everything looks ok but I was scared that if I posted an intro then it was almost like "jinxing" the pregnancy. I don't know how to explain this...
I'm getting really excited about buying some new cloth dipes for my little miracle Thank you so much for the links!!!!! I'm going to start browsing them now :
I haven't used cloth in years as my youngest is 5. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and just started looking at dipes for a newborn/infant collection. I still have my 5 yr olds diapers but gave away almost all of the newborn dipes as we didn't expect this beautiful miracle baby.... Can other diapering mamas post links to favorite diapers or any "hyena" links? Thanks so much and I can't wait to get back into the cloth diapering world.... Thanks all!!!!:
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