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I agree that is what property assesors do. Also My dh would take tons of pics of houses that we wanted to copy something from when trying to decide how to renovate our house.
get to know you answer BRIEFLY then ask a question. Play with me What is your favorite activity?
thanks for sharing sorry you dealt with that!
That is ME at the grocery store. I have 2 children 2 and 4. The 4yr old looks NORMAL but sadly she is not. She is developmentally delayed vaccine damaged and a BOLTER. She encourages my 2 yr old, who copies her they act like little monkeys. My babe is extremly distracted and cannot focus well or control her impulses. I cringe at this type of thread. It is pointless. Lets all sit here and dissect the awful day that a fellow mother/woman had at the grocery store and...
basicly they need everything. They have nothing at this point. The host (my best friend) says they need beds of some type. Maybe someone in the San antonio are has a matress they could drive over. I could put you in contact with Tiffani. They also need games or books or things to play with. The host family has a infant so they don't have anything like that for them. thanks so much. I can pm you the info if you like.
Moved it to the outreach section
what I am worried about is, the rapists are being warehoused along with the other people?? have they been plucked out? Oh dear God, is this going to happen again?
I am planning a road trip from southern california to Oregon. Any points of interest or cities that I must see with the kids? All of your input is helpful. Thanks so much
keep her at the school is has been at. Changjng familes is a huge upheaval for a kid. Let her have the consistancy of her peers. Just imagine the moms that have kids training for the olympics, they drive for 3 hours each way everyday sometimes to ice rinks etc. Knowing that she is happy and not resentfel of you for "taking " her friends away is worth the 75 minute trip each way . Also that gives you time to connect in the car, it may be very nice.
that's disgusting. what a pervert you were speaking with.
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