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Yes. I've made 2 sets of 12. (you mean the bamboo precut diaper kits, right?) I've only used 2 of the 3 soakers that they provide for each dipe, and they work great.  I will probably be purchasing another kit soon.
Looking forward to checking out some of these links (there are a few I follow already and they are .)  Thought I'd add a link to my family's country living blog too:  http://www.theadventurelearningcompany.blogspot.com/ 
Thanks for the helpful info.
Since my last baby in '04, we've moved to the country, and I am expecting this spring.  I'm a bit out of the baby loop, and wondering about both safety issues and carriers for putting an infant on my back, since this baby will arrive just as we are gearing up for the outdoor work season.  I've been looking at the Ergo with infant insert- has anyone used it for back carrying?  Other considerations?  Thanks!
We usually use ours for stock too, saving the meat afterwards for enchiladas, pot pies, etc.    But last year I came across a recipe for coq-au-vin that piqued my traditional foodie curiosity.  'Coq' is the French word for rooster- not chicken or hen- and the traditional way to cook it was to first marinate it in something acidic (a bottle of wine), along with other herbs and spices, then to slowly cook it in sauce.  Here's the blog post I wrote about it, with the...
FWIW, dandelions are an old-time remedy against coccidiosis. We've never gone with vacc'ing our birds or giving medicated feed. We just chop up some dandelion greens for them once they're a couple days old (chopped very fine) and add it to their feed.
We've been looking at woodstoves as a secondary heat source for our rural home here in SK Canada, and have shopped around quite a bit. We've been told by every dealer to stick to the smallest models because they heat so efficiently. All Canadian stoves have to be certified high efficiency now to be on the market. But I can see how it might be hard to get that heat to circulate through the house. As a pp mentioned, there are options for converters, and fans, to direct...
heavensearth, I'm pretty sure the mystery plant on your flicker page is borage. Those little buds will bloom into pretty blue flowers. It is a hardy self-seeder, just FYI, so you might want to keep it in check.
How disheartening. FWIW, there seem to be a lot of farmers around here who lose their chickens to weasels, coyotes, raccoons, but we haven't lost any so far. They free range, coming in to roost only at night and I leave the coop door open for them. I give full credit to our dog for keeping predators at bay. She's a Great Pyrenees. I hear her barking at night, and she guards the perimeter of our land religiously.
Thanks all!
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