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Just joined the facebook page. When I go back on facebook I will mention it in my status. Many times we think that as one person we can't do much. You may have heard this story but I think it applies to this situation. An old woman was walking along a beach one day. It was covered with starfish who had been washed up with the tides. They would be dead before the next tide took them back out to sea. As she walked along, she would stop, bend over and pick one up and...
We like Brookdale Park in Montclair. It also has an entrance in Bloomfield. There are actually four playgrounds that are closed in. Two playgrounds that are supposed to be divided by age groups and to areas with swings, also divided by age groups. We frequently hang out near the big kids playground on Thursday afternoons.
There was an excellant article in the Essential Herbal Magazine this month on using herbs in pregnancy. I think you can buy just the one issue from them. The magazine is full of great articles and ideas. But even better is the yahoo group by the same name. I get new information everytime I go online. Another great source is The Herb Mentor. Another great website for herbalists. I love working with herbs, but since I live in a ridiculously small apartment I can't...
I haven't noticed a problem with carrots and things like that. What grosses me out is tuna or peanut butter sticking inside the bag. PUL that is not lined has a pretty gross feel when it is wet. I have a wet bag that I use for family cloth. My husband hates taking it out of the washer and putting it in to the dryer because it feels so gross. Kathi
That is debatable. I have heard so many different opinions on this. From everything I read it sounds to me that it is safer than most plastic wraps or food containers. I line my bags with hemp jersey so my food is not sitting directly on the PUL. It may not be necessary, but I feel a little safer. I just know that I do not want to keep on filling the landfills with zip lock bags. This works for me. Kathi
PUL is fabric that has been laminated with polyurethane. I only buy cotton woven fabric, but you can often find it in knits. You can rarely find it in a local store. Usually only in online stores. I frequently buy it on ebay. Kathi
I've used them with pretzels and baby carrots and things like that with no problem. I have not used them for tiny things like cheerios. Kathi
Those are similar to the ones I make. I use cotton print PUL on the outside and hemp jersey on the inside so the food doesn't touch the plastic from the PUL. I made the tops so they would fold over. Kathi
My son will be 8 next week. He does not read well. He can sound out small words. He can sound out bigger words if I cover up half the word at a time. He knows a lot of sight words. But he is not comfortable reading. Am I worried? No. He will learn when that switch clicks over. My husband taught himself to read at age 3. Is he worried? You bet. But I emphasize the things my son can do and let it go at that. I', pretty sure that he will be reading before he is 10...
It is offered in short sections. I think usually about 8 weeks on a specific topic. It is an additional fee to T4L. You can also buy it without doing T4L. Kathi
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