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A lot of times the stinkyness is because of a build up of laundry soap. You can wash your towels without any detergent in really hot water for a couple of washes. Rinse until no more soap is coming out of the fabric. Most people use way more soap than they need to use. We make our own laundry mix and then only use a tablespoon per load. Kathi
You can go to the Parent Forums and ask questions about Time4Writing or Time4Learning. The link for the Time4Writing forum is: http://time4learning.net/forum/time4...ons-questions/ We have not used Time4Writing yet. We have been using Time4Learning since my son was in preK. He is almost finished with 2nd grade T4L. He loves it. There are days when I have to force him to turn it off. I like the way you can print out reports anytime you need them. You can use...
I don't know if you have considered Tennessee, but The Farm is a great place. We have visited there. I do know you have to visit a few times and be accepted into the community. And you have to have the ability to support yourself. I would love to live in a place like that. I think I want a yurt or a geodome. But my husband has a job that he loves. He's worked there for nearly 25 years. He is not likely to quit and go somewhere else. But I'm so ready to...
No, we won't let it die. Kathi
We love Time4Learning. My son has been doing it since Pre-K and he just loves it. I like that I can print out the reports whenever I want so I can see in black and white how he is doing. I also print out the lesson plans and then mark down his grades for every day on that. We supplement with lots and lots of outside activities. We are involved with a Nature Center and an Environmental Center where he takes monthly classes. He is also a member of two Rocket Clubs. He...
So I bought one of those Butter Bell things the other day. I had butter on the counter that was pretty soft. I put that in the cup part of the butter belle. I put water in the bottom. When I put the cup over the bottom part, the butter promptly fell out into the water. I put it in the fridge for a while and it stayed in the top. Do I need to refrigerate this thing every time I put new butter in it? Or was it just a fluke the first time. Kathi
I have a calendar that I write down what we do each day. Like today we did perimeters and homophones. I don't write a lot of detail. Tomorrow we will go to soccer. I'll write it down as PE. Since we do Time4Learning, I can print out the report of what he has done. It has the dates and the grades for each lesson. We don't have to keep any records in this state. I keep these mostly so my husband can see that we do do school work. Kathi
Is anyone still on here? I have so enjoyed your convos and would love to learn more from you. I am happy to share about my life as well. I am not Rasta but want to learn so much. There was a Rasta family in one of the homeschool groups that we spend time with, but I haven't seen them in a very long time. My husband says that because I am white I can not live this life. He also says that if I wear locs, I would be making fun of the religion and not honoring it. Is...
Gee I wonder how many of us will post that "We" are the official thread killer of this thread before it really does die. Kathi
I totally know that feeling. Kathi
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