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Wow what an exciting adventure. If DiL is workIng from home aren't you going to need more space? She will need anquiet place to work away from the kids, pets, and other household members.
When DD naps I often have to try to squeeze on my WAH job. Otherwise I clean. On rare occasion I fall asleep while getting her to sleep.
It is very normal for some companies. At one of my jobs my schedule was never my own. My boss might hand me 5 days worth of work on Friday at 4pm and tell me it had to be ready Monday morning, I might have to take a call at 3am, and more than once I had to leave the country on just a couple hours notice. It was very good experience and good for my career, but eventually I left for a more family friendly position.
OH how I remember those days. DD hated the car so much. Obviously we minimized trips and tried to have someone sit back there with her. Sometimes you just have to go though. It got a lot better when we switched DD to a convertible seat. The infant bucket was just awful. It also got better when we started giving her snacks. I know that doesn't help with an itsy bitsy baby, but it will gt better eventually.
Easy to get enough sleep with one? My schedule for the first two months of DD's life Spend 45-60 minutes trying to get her to nurse with syringe and then eventually sns. Pump for 20 minutes to get milk for next feeding Deal with said milk and pump parts Try to squeeze in 60-90 minutes of sleep Repeat feedings every 3 hours timed from start of feeding to start of feeding. My DD was exclusively breastfed and I don't regret one minute of the effort I gave to make that...
That would be the end of unsupervised visits for me. My paternal grandmother cut my hair when I was a toddler. I still don't think my Mom is completely over it and I'm 37. Just mentioning it will start her on a huge rant.
Even if the only issue is that the parties are keeping up your kids that would be enough reason to stop. Add in your mother dismissing your concerns and I would just switch to daytime visits possibly with you.
I always wear a bra. I get horrible back pain without serious support.
If I'm working then I am working and am unavailable. If I'm doing the taxes or something else that requires concentration then I am also unavailable. If I'm reading MDC or ordering something on Amazon, then of course i can chat.
I want guests to be comfortable in my home. A big part of that is providing food they will enjoy. With challenging eaters for an entire week I would plan several meals that are simple, assemble your own affairs so I don't have to worry about each ingredient as much. I would also eat out as much as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: