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It's typical for the brides closest friends to throw the shower. Odds are those are the MOH and bridesmaids. They host the shower they want. The big secret to many showers is that sometimes the guest of honor or family have strong opinions about the shower. Since they can't officially host they do all the planning, work, and funding, and simply use the MOH's name for the invitation RSVP. If they care so much about the shower than OP should be host in name only.
As an older student perhaps the best knowledge you could impart would be the fact that without an education life can be much more challenging. Maybe they need a little reminder that it is a lot easier to go to school before they have spouses, children, and a whole other host of responsibilities.
Playing outside while sick is rare. If she is mildly ill and the weather is temperate then we will go outside if she wants. Most of the time here it is freezing or incredibly hot. The last time I let her outside on a warm day her fever went way up. It was just too much for her little body.
Unless The alternative were being homeless I would not live with my parents or ILs. I am an introvert and I need my space. We stayed with ILs for a week before our house was ready and that was more than long enough.
In that scenario I would probably say something about inconsiderate people and go inside. When we lived in a neighborhood like this it really helped when we got the city to paint the few inches adjacent to our driveway red. Otherwise I had no qualms about calling the police. Eventually we got the city to make the street permit parking only. It was still extremely crowded, but it took it down to something manageable and illegal parking was no longer a daily issue,...
I think as long as your parents are paying your bills they have a vested interest in things that would otherwise be completely your decision. My DD will be getting strong birth control messages from me until she has reached the point in life where she can take care of herself and a child. It isn't a boundary violation, it's just basic parenting.
My 25 month old is having extensive dental work done under general anesthesia next week. I am confident this is necessary. I am still scared. How was the recovery? DD is kind of nursing obsessed so I think the worst will be not eating beforehand. I'm also worried about nursing her afterwards. What if she wants to but it hurts (I will be ready to pump). What if she wants to but the dentist says it's bad for the caps or fillings and we need to wait a few days (I...
Not a chance. DD does not do well in the car. Driving an hour, grabbing him, and driving an hour back would be a special kind of torture and she would probably fight the carseat for a week or two afterwards.
Our biggest cost is medical. Even with good insurance we are looking at spending around $5000 this year for our 2 year old. Even minor health problems can get expensive quickly. Food and clothing add a bit to our budget. We are pretty indulgent with toys and activities. I probably spend a couple hundred a month. That could easily be trimmed in tough times.
I would want to know before I ate the food. I have particular migraine triggers and I've run into trouble before with people making substitutions for the more common ingredients in a dish so something I think is safe makes me sick.
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