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I would take a vacation week to start. Stay in your pjs til noon or all day, head to the park, go to a cafe for lunch, just have a leisurely time without an agenda. The week after that you can start thinking about routines And activities.
Aka how to keep them safe by the water we are going to be staying at a place where going outside means being right by a choppy lake. This means DD will need a lifejacket just to run around and get a little fresh air. She is a running, climbing, jumping, hang herself upside-down 2 year old.. She also happen to be 34 inches and only 24.5 pounds. The toddler lifejackets all seem to start at 30 pounds. The infant lifejackets look far too restrictive for a playing child....
Playdates are really disruptive for DH. We do keep them to a minimum and always small. I think it's a reasonable tradeoff for the perks if a WAH spouse.
We have a drainage sewer at the back of our yard. They are common here It has some bars, but at least part of DD could slip through. We put in a fence around our yard and at the same time boxed in the sewer. It has a gate and the gate is padlocked. That way we can mow the area and utilities can get access, but DD can not get near the thing. I want to be able to have at least one zone outside where we can be reasonably relaxed.
DH works from home full-time. I take care of DD while he is working. I work from home part-time during naps and on weekends when DH is available to watch her. Honestly the only way this works is office space with a door. Neither of us has the type of job where we could be responsible for childcare while working and DD is too young to respect that Mommy and Daddy can't be interrupted. I may have to increase my hours soon and DD will either go to daycare or we will hire...
Mommy And most of the time she says it she is just filled with joy. I love it. 2 is a great age. Personally I don't care for Mama. If she tried to pick that up I would discourage it.
DD has my name. We gave her DH's middle name which has been used by several generations in his family. We let sex decide. Had she been a boy she would have gotten DH's last name. We wanted something fair and it was more meaningful than flipping a coin.
Nursing has become incredibly painful.  My nipples hurt like crazy.  When DD is done they are squished flat like they were in a vice and ghostly white.     We used a nipple shield for 2 years.  I tried to get rid of it but she refused.  Then one day she decided she was done with the nipple shield.  It was great at first, but now I am in pain.     I just don't know what to do.  She is a booby addict.  Weaning is not going to go over well.  She also has surgery...
If I was to do an apartment again I would look for thick walls, dedicated indoor parking, and a washer and dryer in the unit.
We lived in a townhouse while DD was 9-15 months. It was pretty stressful. It was small and difficult to babyproof. We had a bit of yard, but every time we went out there I had to be on guard for the inconsiderate neighbors who would let their dogs out without a leash. The good thing was that the walls between units were thick. I was so nervous the first week. dD would cry and night and I would worry about the neighbors. After a bit I realized that we hardly ever...
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