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I always misjudge on how much clothing DD needs for each season.  For winter we had too many pants, not enough shirts, and a few things that just didn't get worn enough to justify having.     How do you decide how to stock the closet?  Do you have a target number for each type of item?    
DD is 2. She used a nipple shield until last week. Yep, got stuck with the nipple shield for 2 years. She finally agreed that she doesn't need the nipple shield anymore. She still nurses a ton. I am about ready to get back out the nipple shields even though I hate them. My nipples hurt so badly. Her latch seems fine. I can't figure out what is wrong.
Glad to hear things worked out. When it comes to driving I think people need to respect their own limitations. We are talking about life and death. Evaluating your own abilities and respecting them is a good thing.
You could also tell your SIL that if you are her primary care, you cease to be available as emergency backup care. If her regular care provider is sick you could take your nephew for the day, but where does SIL take nephew if you need a sick day?
Your post brought back such vivid memories for me. I initiated our split and my XH kept trying to convince me it was a mistake. Deep down I knew that I just didn't want to live with him anymore, but it was hard to turn my back on someone I cared about despite our problems. The way I got past it was to get angry. Up until that point I mostly felt guilty for breaking up Our marriage, even if it was a bad marriage. One day I was talking to my mother about how XH was...
And now I'm not feeling well. My limbs are heavy and i'm alternating chills and sweats. I pumped a bit and that seemed to help, but I don't get much for the pump so it just took the edge off. I think my milk supply is way too prolific for this sudden nursing stoppage.
We recently convinced DD that Daddy could comfort her at night sometimes. Cutting out most of the nighttime nursing sessions made a huge difference for us. Maybe start with trying to limit nursing a bit. You have to decide when will work best. Maybe it's night, maybe you can find an activity to distract from a mid-morning session. Perhaps cutting back a bit will help you. If it isn't enough than you are already practicing ways to wean.
DD is 23 months. She still nurses like a newborn some days. We are till stuck with a nipple shield. She occasionally latches without it, but then realize it is missing and gets one. Last night she went to nurse to sleep and as she latched got upset. It turns put there was a little soap residue on the nipple shield. We washed it really well, but she wouldn't latch again. I eventually convinced her cuddling would be an acceptable substitute and she fell asleep. She...
My 22 month old would like to join me for tea.  Giving her water when I have my caffeinated beverage isn't making her happy anymore. Is there a kind of tea that would be safe and yummy?
Our 22 month old has decided that Daddy is chopped liver. She doesn't want him to do anything with her and has taken to telling him to go away. If we push the issue she throws a huge tantrum. This has been tough on me because I need a little help with her from time to time. It's even harder on DH. He was crying about it last night. DH works from home so she sees him throughout the day, but he is working so it's just a quick hello and maybe an occasional 5 minute...
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