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Around 9 months DD starting noticing if kids got something she didn't. So favors for older kids and not her would mean a tantrum. Therefore I try to make sure I have something for the babies that is similar, but age appropriate.
 I can't imagine it working. I WAH for my old job. I occasionally try to get some work done while DD plays. It takes me two or three times as long to complete a task. I can't even bill my employer for the time because my productivity is so low. So work while she is awake is limited to checking and answering emails. Actual work has to happen while she sleeps.
 I Think you handled the situation in the moment just fine. I would have a talk with the relatives about not encouraging your child to participate in religious rituals. I know we are going to face this. Prayer is my hill to die on. I find it absolutely unacceptable. I will sit quietly when we are in someone else's home and I will teach my DD to do the same, but I don't want anyone trying to make her think it is a good activity. When she is old enough I will explain...
 We have arranged our lives to take precautions with DH's health. That doesn't mean that gives people an excuse to avoid common courtesy. Seriously have people never taken a biology class? Basic disease precautions don't just protect the weak, they protect everyone.
 I really can't say what I want because it wouldn't be polite. Please remember that there are many immunosupressed people out there living their lives too. Knowingly exposing them to your cough is not acceptable. Sure life happens, but use a little common sense. The moderate illness for you could mean weeks in bed or even death for someone like my DH.
 I'm mostly a Sahm (I do some consulting) and DH works from home full-time. He is also in programming.
 We try to stay home when sick, even minor illnesses. A quick run for medicine or groceries might be needed, but we keep it to a bare minimum. If everyone was responsible then people wouldn't be getting a new cold every week.
I think credit cards are mostly a convenience. I also think they are an absolutely necessary safety tool. As soon as DD is old enough to be exploring the city on her own she will have a credit card in her pocket. Car breaks down and need a tow? Date gets obnoxious and you need a cab home instead of feeling pressure to have him drive you home? Freak snow storm hits and you need a place to stay? Sure you could always have a few hundred in your wallet, but I prefer to...
 Yes, which is why I think the solution is to raise strong, self-sufficient, and well-rounded sons. Not only will they marry women who want to balance family demands, but they will want that balance themselves.
Ugh. We deal with this. My DH's brother spends all their time and holidays with SIL's family. We are both kind of hurt by it. My sister and I both place a lot of emphasis on balancing time between the families. My anecdotal observation is this kind of preference for the wife's family tends to be with couples that follow ridiculous antiquated standards of gender roles. The wives that cook every meal and lay out their husband's clothing even while having full-time WOH...
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