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I would call your regular doctor since it's during the day.
The method isn't the only thing that matters. I had spinal, but not with the normal cocktail meds because I can't take what they normally use. I was able to get out of bed within about 4 hours. The downside is that I had no post-operative pain treatment so that pretty much sucked. I moved like I was 90 years old. I was up and getting to the bathroom though because the catheter was way too painful so they had to pull it quickly.
My DD has a favorite doll that goes with us everywhere. Some days she carries her toy cash register around the house. The other day she went down for nap Clutching my mascara (I slipped it out of bed once she fell asleep). My DD is acting like every other toddler I have known. My DH has a few weird obsessions regarding our daughter. He had a really traumatic childhood due to a late identification of a major health problem. Thus he is paranoid about her health. I...
Most bar and grille places are just restaurants that serve alcohol. I'm sure there are some that are really more bar than grille. I would skip those with a kid. As long as it's mostly a restaurant and As long as it's smoke-free I wouldn't think twice about it.
DH is getting a flashlight, a mechanical pencil, and a notepad with his favorite sports team logo. DD is getting stickers, crayons, lip balm, a toy car, and an outfit for her favorite baby doll. I also got a couple of board books, but we are using small stockings this year and they dont fit so I just wrapped them as gifts for under the tree.
In a better economy I would move. In today's reality I would really work to make the home fresh. I would try to create as blank a slate as possible. When you moved in you made hundreds of tiny decisions like which shelf the flour sits on and which drawer holds spoons. You and your current partner might have made different decisions. So instead of clearing out a drawer for him I would examine each space like you were just moving in and really make it belong to both of...
Blending expectations at the holidays are tough even for adults. XH's family thought the perfect Christmas was a few presents in the morning and then spend the day at the beach. No big tree, no cookies, no carols. At one point we were watching tv before bed and It's A Wonderful Life was coming on. I wanted to watch. They had never even heard of it. There was nothing wrong with how they chose to spend Christmas, but I found being with them for the holidays incredibly...
We have a lot of those days. Late or slow start. Just too tired to try to face a car seat battle for a brief excursion. I try for an activity, possibly messy. DD loves to help me bake. She also likes to play with a big tub of lentils. Cornstarch and water. Painting. These all mean lots of work for me, but they help get us out of the rut and worse case scenario I clean it all up once DH is home and can watch her.
Wow that sounds a lot like our day including me trying to squeeze in the work hours. I've decided that we try to leave the house once. If we go out again its with DH in the evening. Most of our errands are just to the store anyway so evening is fine. The biggest thing we did was to get a climbing toy. DD can climb and slide and crawl through tunnels and it really helps with being able to be happy at home.
It's better than naming a child Stalin, but I wouldn't do it.
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