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We aren't in an area that is getting press for bedbugs. I have still decided to stop Craigslisting to furnish our new house. In the meantime we are just living spartan with a few really beat up pieces that are way overdue tomb replaced. I did buy a plastic wagon for DD, but we scoured that with bleach when we brought it home.
The Boston highway shutdown got me thinking about this.  I take the highway briefly just to get to the grocery store.  In a freak storm anything could happen.   I always pack a kit for long trips, but I think we should be prepared for every day emergencies as well. I was thinking water, but it would freeze just in our garage.  Then the jugs would burst and leak all over the car when they thawed.
we saw Dr. Killen for awhile. He was good, but the drive from Shawnee was too far if DD was actually sick. Right now we are seeing Dr. Rozina Mouhuidi at Kumed west. She is provax, but is willing to work with us (we do delayed and selective). Her only comment on the breastfeeding has been to ask if I still have much milk (my supply is prolific). I don't think she is exactly what you are looking for, but the office is very convenient and she might be sufficient for...
I know giving vitamin d drops to toddlers is controversial. We have decided DD should have them because she is a booby addict and eats little solid food and I am hypoparathyroid which means I have trouble maintaining calcium and vitamin d levels. We figure that maybe we do fall into the group of people where kids will benefit from them. The problem is that these things are disgusting. The insert even recommends mixing them in something, but it would have to be a...
We have a mix of 3 types. The same mix of brands we have been using for her whole life. She is 20 months. This started about a month ago.
Periodically DD gets bright red swollen marks where her cloth diapers Touch her thighs. I slather with cream for a few days and try to give her some naked time and it goes away. Then it shows up again. We change frequently and I don't believe she is sensitive to our soap. It also Isn't that the legs are too tight. I'm stumped.
We will not be flying. We can drive to visit family even if it is a long drive so our choice only impacts vacation plans. The beach vacation is out as is our hope to visit Iceland soon. DH may have to fly once next year or risk his job. We will not join him and he will choose a patdown.
If you are sick you should stay away from other people. That is true regardless of age. A little fresh air can be a good thing, but I would never take a sick child to the park unless I could guarantee I could keep them away from other kids.
DD does this. Sometimes she just wants to join in. Other times she just doesn't want us touching.
No. I am more comfortable using aunt and uncle for family. It seems like iter terms could be used to designate special Friends if people found it necessary. Just my preference.
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