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I think my DH's only "magic" is that he doesn't have lactating breasts, lol! I originally started outsourcing this task to Daddy so that DS would no longer depend on me nursing him to sleep. Maybe we could look at this another way. Is your little guy still taking naps? If so, what time and how long? A late afternoon nap for 1-2 hours can really throw things off for some toddlers so that they won't want to sleep until 10-11pm. One thought is that he may be ready to...
The problem with the ER are those NIGHTMARES I hear about how parents are treated when they bring in their babies with fevers. Unvaccinated = spinal tap, vaccinated = no. (Replacement serotypes? Non-vaccine-targeted meningitis strains? Never heard of them!) That's not to say that I wouldn't bring a baby in who had a fever, stiff neck, and creepy case of lethargy. But a couple in my old town once brought a baby in with a fever of 101. They refused a spinal due to its...
 Does tequila count as an adjuvant?
Carry on, then, fair lasses. I can speak only for myself. I'm ready for a vaxi-cation!
Oh, I like Alicia! I appreciate her vegan-ness and intactivist views. You realize what this now means, right? I can TOTALLY ignore my doctor and do everything Alicia does, mwa, ha, ha!
TCMoulton, I can't find your post in this over-bloated thread, but I now take back what I said about no pro-vaxxer agreeing with me about the Facebook meme. Thank you for your candor. Am I the only one ready for a thread lock?
Oh, totally. There are also local histories, county courthouse records, etc. That's all moot to someone who created a me me without doing any research.
In her defense, it's in a much different context. In one case, it was shared on a pro-vax Facebook page to mislead people into thinking that those children had a proven vaccine-targeted disease and therefore everyone should get vaccinated with everything.If I understood her correctly, Serenbat shared it here to warn us about the misuse of memes, images, and political messaging in social media. It's hard to convey that message without a specific, visual example...in this...
Just to be clear, by "burden," I'm referring to burden of proof, a formal term in debate that holds the person making the original claim responsible for providing evidence to support it. In this case, the meme should have had a link. But since there's no evidence , there's no link. We all have a shared responsibility to fact-check things before we share them with others.
I suspect that the photo is legit. The meme-maker lifted it from findagrave.com. I can't post a link but you can pull it up with a quick search on one of the Bridge kids' names. Genealogists and historians contribute headstone photos, obituaries, portraits, interesting tidbits, etc. to this site. There's nothing on this family except the stone photo. Even though the burden of proof is on the meme-maker, I did get curious and do about an hour's worth of sleuthing on some...
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