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12. Jay Gordon, M.D., FAAP is critical of the routine, one-size-fits-all use of certain vaccines. 13. Lawrence Rosen, MD, FAAP, has dubbed vaccine "the third rail of pediatrics" and supports non-burdensome exemption policies for parents. 14. Mayer Eisenstein, MD is also an attorney and vaccine choice advocate 15. Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, University of MN infectious disease researcher who cites low efficacy of routine influenza vaccination and has called the vaccine...
Then the person who put out the meme was being disingenuous. Wouldn't you agree, Tea?
So can ANYBODY here provide credible evidence that these children died of a vaccine-targeted disease? Or shall we concede that it was unfair of this meme's creator to mislead the public into thinking that they did?
Serenbat, I've never seen the meme. Does it cite any credible evidence, like vital records? (Yea, I'm naive. ) I have no idea who runs this blog, but they are claiming that it is not known for certain how all of these children died in clusters. They do, however, mention that there was a diphtheria outbreak in Westmoreland County, PA from about 1890-1895. From the entry on July 22, 2013: http://restinginwestmoreland.blogspot.com/ “I checked for epidemics in the...
So no doctor visits or online modules? Just the McCarthy-esque data-sharing of unvaxxed and "undervaxxed" students? At least as things stand now?
That was actually a reference to 99.9% of medical experts supporting the vax schedule. It's one of those ciation-free figures that gets bandied about a lot. It's like you said upthread--say something enough times, and it suddenly becomes true.
Yes, but MMR is one example of a multivalent vaccine, (also the one that Wakefield questioned), and I don't see how spacing it out over 12 weeks turns someone into an anti-vax baby-killer, (to pay homage to some of the rhetoric out there).
I'm trying to challenge a number of false dichotamies, but if you think that alternative vaccine schedules, which involve parents GETTING vaccinations for their children, "anti-vax" . . . then there's not much more I can say to you.
To repeat, can you provide evidence to support this 99.9% figure?Also, can you provide numeric evidence that most parents who choose not to vaccinate on schedule because of what Jenny M says and consider her their leader?
I'm sick with a non-vaccine targeted illness, so I'm bored an want another fun thread. I often hear people who criticize or raise questions about the current vaccine schedule labeled "anti-vax." I also hear the non-substantiated claim that 99.9% of experts back the U.S. schedule. So, name your "anti-vax" experts, preferably from the good'ol mainstream, and how each one questions one or more vaccine recommendations. Keep the numbers flowing in order, please. I'll...
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