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This really angers me. Every exam room, emergency or not, needs to be a safe haven for people. Nobody should ever be made to feel afraid of seeking basic or emergency care. Nobody should have to second guess a trip to ER out of fear of bullying or maltreatement.
Just so we're clear, the way to call out bullying behavior on MDC is to click the little flaggy and then move on with your life. It's anonymous in that the perpetrator will never know that you did it. Don't hesitate to do it for one of your own. Public call-outs are at one's own risk. But I have lived dangerously and done it. To call out cyberbullying elsewhere, log on to Disqus or whatever it takes and post a polite but firm cease-and-desist. Easy enough? Any further...
NM. I'm up to speed now.
LimaBean, in your shoes, I'd put that 75 toward a shmancy coffee maker.
Sorry to hear that. I'll drop it.
I appreciate your strong stance against cyber-bullying and your belief in online civility. Would you be willing to extend these principles to more subtle insults that don't necessarily qualify as bullying? I ask in light of a satirical Onion piece recently posted in VOS that mocks non-compliant families.
Edited my post for clarification, Serenbat.
OK, a quick search on the terms "David Gorksi" and "idiot" pulled up quite a few hits from non-vax sites. If pressed to the wall, I will admit that I don't think fondly of Gorksi's character. And name-calling with "idiot" is bad but hardly equates to what parents like Dalia go through. But there are plenty of chances for us to speak up. If we get angry, They get angry. When They (those who espouse more fanatical views) get angry, they retaliate. Remember that they have...
Off MDC, too? That is, you wouldn't say anything to decry cyber-bullying *from the vax-choice side* if you saw it on another site?
Now that I think about it, it would be really tough to tell the truth in an antagonistic setting, but I think I'd still do it and take the bullets. I don't debate super narrow minded people, but I might shut them off with, "I'm sorry you have such a black and white view. It sounds like you have some more research to do."
New Posts  All Forums: