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I don't share your optimism. It's dangerous to assume that all judges and juries and lawyers all operate on logic and reason. My late grandmother always said, " If you want justice, stay out of the courts. If you want health, stay away from the doctor."
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this interesting info! I looked up the US v Tillich case and . . . wow. I could really get into the off-topic Lalaland of conscientious objections to wars and vaccines, sacrifices for "freedom" vs. the Herd, etc. (Forgive the cynicism of putting quotes around "freedom." The past two presidential administrations have a lot of blood on their hands, and I don't feel any freer).Anyway, didn't a federal court in Wyoming rule that the state...
Oh please. The same could be said for Brian Deer. I actually agree with the rest of your post. I haven't seen a convincing case for a connection. At the same time, since it's impossible to prove the negative, how is it possible to say with such certainty and absolutism that the link was "debunked?" We can't have it both ways.But then,(and I feel audacious saying this because I'm not a scientist by trade), I see more ambiguities than absolutes in science. Science is a...
Priest as in . . . Catholic? If so, start here. www.catholicsagainstcircumcision.org
BTW, I think PingPong's Mom is on to something. If we'd taken our families to dinner and spent $50, Chili's would have only given $5-10 to the NAA. Why don't we all pull out our checkbooks and give the NAA even more?
I've been ruminating over why this pisses me off so much. The bullying angers me, of course, but it goes deeper than that. A key program of NAA is to prevent autistic children from wandering. Most wandering-related deaths are caused by drowning, and many end up in traffic accidents, so the NAA provides outreach to caretakers of this children, including safety kits. The NAA also works tirelessly to protect autistic children from restraints, bullying, and sexual...
Ever hear of a guy named Socrates? Responding with questions, rhetorical or otherwise, is a common and universally accepted method of debate.
There is nothing I can say that won't earn me a nasty-gram from the mods.
To be fair, I have searched far and wide for a citation confirming that 1-10% figure on reaction reporting. The best I found was a citation to a 1996 article, not available online, in a local Ohio newspaper, by K. Severyn. I tracked down the name, and she's a pharmacist and vaccine skeptic. I'm also on my mobile but can hunt down links if you'd like. Anyway, a lot has changed since 1996. Thanks to the info age, I suspect that a lot more people know what VAERS is and...
Another issue arising from these numbers is that you should be comparing the risk of the vaccine to the risk of *first getting the measles* AND getting an adverse event from the illness. If someone foregoes 2 doses of the MMR vaccine, they're not automatically 1/7700 times likely to die of measles. They'd need to get the measles first, and the data on that likelihood needs to be factored in.
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