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Quote: Originally Posted by maxmama Honestly? That's creepy. Anyone staring, at someone breastfeeding or not, is generally considered rude. I don't really care if your husband was raised with babies or by wolves, I think it's creepy. And he would have gotten squirted in the eye if it were me. For sure! I would rip a staring stranger a new one if that happened to me!
I really don't see what half of your original post has to do with deciding whether or not to educate her about breastfeeding. Having beer at a baby shower is the best idea ever, baby showers usually suck for everyone but the pregnant woman! Since you are convinced that she does things because of Hollywood, then I would bring up all the young stars that are breastfeeding. Christina Aguilera, Salma Hayek, Naomi Watts, etc. Maybe since she is new at this whole thing you...
We use Jason's Quit Bugging Me spray
sweet! She played a show in my husbands basement (before we met) and he danced with her, he said. I wonder how close she is getting to my neck of the woods?
Hey, I'm still around! Things are weird lately, Calliope has started trying to stand on her own and is into EVERYTHING; books, magazines, shoes, yarn, everything. I got banned from TAO, so I spend less time around here...I know, I suck!
The whole show is disgusting. If I were Renee, breastfeeding would be the least of my worries, I mean who would want to have a child with Scott Baio?
Hey! There is a July 07 thread!! DD was born on July 23rd, and she is currently sitting up, crawling and pulling up. No teeth yet, but she is making due with her gums. She LOVES all food, she got chicken for the first time this week and she wolfed it down! Glad to have found you guys!
They make safety q-tips so that you can reach just inside the ear. They work wonders for us.
We didn't use: The antique rocking chair that my mom passed to us. The bassinette. Bottles (that is, until teething started! Now when she is having teething issues I will fill a bottle with ice and water and let her chew on the cold nipple). The baby chair for the tub- she tumbled right out of it once she could sit up. And I ended up tossing or donating all the pink sh*t that people just had to send over. Despite me saying over and over that I didn't want her to...
Just last night we gave DD her first 'meal' with chicken in it. I just slow cooked it in the over and then cut in in small pieces and let her go crazy with it. She loved the chicken, and since we eat meat I feel that its appropriate to start her on it.
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