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Thanks ladies! I am going to go with one set on each bed and one spare set per bed. We've had 4 kids with the stomach virus at once before and just use extra blankets (even the couch blankets, if necessary) until the laundry is caught up. I am also keeping some extra towels in a bin in my closet- which is HUGE but has no shelves- because we need extra towels more often than extra sheets (a 200lb dog and 75lb dog can track in a lot of mud and get super wet when it rains! I...
Okay, if the person who designed my house was standing in front of me, I just might kick him/her in the shin. With 4 bedrooms, how did it not make sense to include more than one teeny tiny linen closet?? I have struggled for years with trying to fit everything I need to in this closet- towels, sheets, blankets and a curtain panel or 2- for a family of 6. And I'm still struggling. Everywhere else is organized and decluttered. So tell me how many sets of sheets you have and...
I was just rattling this list off to DH and he was more interested in some football game  So I'm glad for an opportunity to type it out and look at it. lol   Made breakfast for myself and the 4 kiddos ran 10 miles did 5 loads of laundry (nowhere near finished. ugh) wrapped a few presents. met a friend for lunch cleaned out 2 backpacks played playdoh with youngest supervised and judged a paper airplane making/flying contest ate too many limited edition Christmas...
Started coming around in mid-2000 when my first was born. Was super active in Diapering and Family Safety, and I miss when there were 100+ at any given time, reading and posting on TAO!
Lol, Storm Bride- with multiple dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and reptiles, the kids have been after me for years to do animal stockings. I've flat out refused- stockings for 4 kids is enough, lol! But the ferrets haven't gotten anything really good to play with since we got them, and I know the kids will get a HUGE kick out of Santa bringing them ;)
Santa arranges each person's gifts in a special area in the living room- he never wraps, and all toys are taken out of the package and assembled ( I am so grateful for oldest DD's iPhone 5c, medium DD's iPad mini, and DS's Wii u this year- only one kiddo to put toys together for on Christmas Eve! Woot!!). He fills stockings and none of that stuff is wrapped, either. He's even bringing a bunch of toys for the ferrets this year ;)
Thank you thank you thank you!!! :)
MariaMadly, when I got DH to actually sit down and discuss it with me, that's exactly what we talked about. It is responsible of us to use our resources wisely and make sure that we don't rely upon anyone else to support us, financially- and that's what we do, and will continue to do and hope that we are able to do it until the end of our lives. DH grew up in war-torn Vietnam. He decided at a very young age that if he ever had children, that they would have a comfortable...
Subbing   Hi mamas, I'm glad I found you all! I'm a 40yo running mama, working on improving my half marathon time- 1:52:34 is my PR and I raced last weekend with a time of 1:56:31. Ugh. Goal is to set a new one this year! I race a few 5 and 10Ks over the spring/summer just for fun and would like to break my 5K PR this year, too (24:43). Looking forward to getting to know all of you!!   Hope everyone who wants to is able to get a run in today :)
Can someone give me your favorite recipe for roasted chickpeas? Oldest dd is sooo picky about protein sources but she had these somewhere and said they were really good.
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