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Good for you! I was approached by a friend that I met after both our sons were born. She told me that she wished someone had given her information about circ before she had it done to her child. She was in tears knowing the damage her choice had done. Maybe your friend will read the info and be grateful that you helped keep her from making a damaging choice for her child. And if not, you will know that you did all that you could.
DDC crashing. I got this a lot during the earlier months of this pregnancy (due 9/20). It actually really bothered me, although it wasn't anyone's fault. The thing was, it was OBVIOUS to me and I couldn't believe that anyone could possibly believe that a non-pregnant person would look that way. Just weird body-image issues surfacing, I guess. For the record, there's NO mistaking it now, LOL!
I gave a time-frame two weeks after the "due date" to my ILs. This was because of the nightmare we had after the birth of my son, when family felt entitled to be present and bombarded our hospital room and home beginning immediately after the birth. I swore not to be in that position again and know that honesty and firm boundaries will not stop those family members who don't agree that it's my right to refuse them access to their grandchild. Having said that, I haven't...
Yesterday was DH's father's b'day and I REALLY didn't want LO sharing that date. (DH and his father are estranged - not DH's doing.) However, any other time would be fine with me! *hint, hint*
What a stressful situation! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I'm not completely understanding your post, but wanted to say that it's 100% safe to feed your babes BM even if you're sick. In fact, it's the best immune protection they can receive against the bug you have. But it sounded like the issue was more that you get sick when you try to nurse. Are you able to pump? I don't really know about BM alternatives; whatever you do, try to stay hydrated and BF/pump as...
How old is your LO? And how verbal? These things make a big difference in determining the best approach.
You have NOT ruined your chances! You still have plenty of opportunity to work this out. Follow the suggestions of PP and you will do great!
Quote: Originally Posted by AXEius i just wanted to correct to say that pain is not a normal part of the restoration process nor is it required. however, if one is not careful pain is possible while restoring. the possibility of pain and its severity while restoring are completely dependent on method and experience. AND, the potential for pain is another reason why restoration should only be done by the owner of the penis.
Thanks for the replies! I am basking in the glow of having my feelings validated. I like the idea of compromise; however, I think I might need to get better at it. So far my attempts at compromise haven't been understood as 'we'll do this instead of what makes the parents uncomfortable' but rather 'here's another opportunity to pressure for what we want.'
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