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I would also be very interested in a TV Free subforum. Please reconsider.
Go to the doctor!
If the investment is too much right now, why don't you consider renting a pump? The Med. Symphony and Lactina are both hospital-grade pumps that work great and if you have insurance they will often reimburse a portion of your rental expense. The Lactina usually rents for a bit less than the Symphony, but if you choose the Symphony, you'll probably want to go with the Symphony Plus because it has a built-in battery pack. That way you can plug it in at home to charge...
Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I will make an appt. with the vet to see if she has a UTI. I was thinking that if she had a medical problem that she would pee everywhere, not just in one location, especially since the place she's peeing is only about 5 feet from her litter box. Her pee does seem to be especially stinky, though, so I'll give that a shot.
About a month ago, our 7 year old cat, Heidy, started peeing on our dirty clothes which we pile in the basement in front of our washer/dryer. Here are the measures I've taken so far - none of which have worked: *I made sure her litter box was clean and functioning properly - it was. It's one of the self-cleaning ones. *I started giving her lots of extra love and attention. I thought it was a little late to start acting out about the baby who was 5 months old, but...
I don't think that you should feel badly about not being able to tell whether he is sincere or not. It could very well be the case that he truly believes what he is saying now, but, like in the past, just won't follow through on it. I think that this makes things even more difficult than if he were just being dishonest. Good luck with this difficult task.
If this is available to you, see a LC ASAP! I work for one and I can tell you that I have seen her work miracles! It can be expensive but insurance often will reimburse. And it will never be as expensive as formula feeding. You will never be sorry if you give this a chance. Good luck!
Anyone heard of this? My mom told me that it is a salve that was developed by a doctor at University of Virginia to treat an array of skin problems and diaper rash in particular. She said that it is only available through prescription, but that it has to be mixed by the pharmacist b/c it has never been marketed commercially. She said that it was prescribed for me when I was a baby and was very effective at clearing up diaper rash. Anyone have any experience of this...
I nursed a friend's baby once. The experience was nice, but the consequences weren't...she gave me thrush! I knew that she had had it but thought that it had been cleared up...wrong. I didn't mind nursing her but wouldn't want anyone else to nurse my big boy. I like being able to take full credit for all those rolls.
I have a heavy baby, too. I have an OTSBH and I love it, but most nights my back and shoulders hurt from wearing him all day. I really need something to help make this more comfortable for me. My babywearing days are still in their infancy - my DS is 4.5 mos but he already weighs 23lbs. I'll be keeping my eye on good responses to your post.
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