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I "dumped" a friend a little over a year ago. Even though I still consider it to have been a good move, it was kind of a strange, unprecedented thing for me. I mean, I'd had friendships that just petered out over time, but this is the only one I've deliberately ended. I called her on the phone and just calmly and quietly addressed several issues that had been bothering me. I knew that our "friendship" and her fragile ego weren't up to withstanding that sort of honesty,...
Welcome! You've received a lot of good advice. I just wanted to add that we hear so many accounts of stubborn husbands who refuse to explore this issue. Your son is very lucky to have a father who is so willing to explore this issue and work as hard as you are to make the best choice.
We're not telling name selections this time, either. We kept DS's name a secret and it was so nice to a) not hear everyone's opinion's of the name and b) be able to actually introduce him after his birth. I was very pleased with our choice last time and never considered doing anything different this time. Last time we had to deal with some impatient family and friends, but this time everyone kind of knew to expect it, I think.
Maggie Grace was born this evening at around 9:00p.m. No more details at this time; however, mom and baby are doing well. :
I am so terribly sorry to read of your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope your SIL makes it home safely.
Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora If your kid is over the RF limits, I'd go for a FF-only seat like the Nautilus, Frontier, Safeguard, or Regent. I am currently looking into this issue for my son who will max out his current car seat (Alpha-Omega Elite II) shortly. It only FF to 40lbs harnessed. I am curious about the Nautilus compared to these other seats. I am willing to pay top dollar for a seat that is clearly superior to others, but...
We are planning a HB, too, and we have just chosen not to discuss our choice very much with others. If someone asks, I will tell them what we have decided, but if they want to argue, I just say that for low-risk pregnancies, the research supports our choice and they are welcome to look into it themselves. I refuse to defend or justify my choices to those who are uneducated. Good luck to you in your future discussions!
The attitude of the judge toward nursing is all too common in the judicial system and it makes me sick. OF COURSE the mother is going to be able to do something the father can't - if for no other reason than by virtue of all the time that she has spent with him while dad was MIA! The court is supposed to do what is in the best interest of the CHILD and I just can't fathom how awarding 50/50 custody in a situation with a parent who has been absent until recently can be...
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