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My sis is in the honors program at her college. Last year (her freshman year) she freaked a little in the beginning, saying that she wouldn't be able to keep up and that it was too much, but my mom just stayed positive and basically told her to stick it out and see how it went. She did and it didn't take long before she got into the routine of things and made a good enough GPA to get a free ride for her next three years (provided she keeps her GPA up). Now I know that...
We've always had "quiet time" here. Nothing mean or traumatic about it. It really just evolved from nap time to playing on the bed quietly to playing in your room quietly and now I let Owen watch Zula Patrol and then he plays while I either get some things done or take a rest myself. Our quiet times have always lasted about an hour.
My older ds thought that there were marshmallow farms. You know when you see the fields with all the big bundles of I guess hay wrapped in the white plastic? Well, I think that from far away they look like giant marshmallows. So I told my son that when he was little and that they would grow the giant marshmallows and then take them to the factory where they would be cut down and packaged into the marshmallows you see in the store. He eventually grew out of believing...
They accept email "contracts" on People's Court and Judge Judy. What that means in the real world, I have no idea! I guess what it means is that I watch too much tv!
I don't understand why it's so weird to people that someone would want to make their partner lunch? Glad you guys made up!
Dh got me this beautiful purse from Queen Bee Creations several month ago as an anniversary present. I love love LOVE it! A friend of mine makes really beautiful bags and I want one so bad but am resisting...for now.
It doesn't bother me. I've had all sorts of nick names growing up from different people and it's never been an issue. My kids have had the same sort of the thing. I think it's sweet. And sometimes really funny how certain names are aquired.
Quote: "IT" ! That was the movie, my brain is thinking slow today "Dontcha want it? Dontcha want it?" is a common phrase with my mom and I. OP - that doll *is* creepy! Although I can totally see one of my friends leaving something like that outside of my house...anyone you know that might do something like that just to be funny and freak you out?
We would have a kids table when there was no room. We loved it (as the kids!). Even when my cousin and I were "grown" (and I was married with a baby) we ate at the kid table. And I also made him spit his milk out of his nose just by looking at him. Only I can do that...it's a gift.
We had one company (cable) offer call back service. It was nice. They just auto call you back when it's just about your turn. Saved us 20 minutes of sitting with the phone!
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