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I'm really sorry you are feeling so frustrated and sad.
Dh is the choir director at a public HS, HS football coach, and organist/director of music ministries at our church.
Quote: and she responded "yeah when she's here she knows she's just one of the wolf pack among her people" I would have given a wolf howl. Just a little one. =)
I usually answer that I am...going to eat as many bon bons as humanly possible...join the ranks of the "ladies who lunch"...become a kept woman...become a lady of leisure...finally get to watch "my stories" without being pestered by the kids for food and attention...sleep. I just pick which ever one pops to my head first. It always get a chuckle and then I can either answer or just change the subject if I don't want to talk about it right then.
When we were first married in 1998, Dh was finishing college and working summers and I was very pregnant. We look back and wonder how the heck we survived but we did, mainly because of my husband's drive to make a comfortable life for his family (and his desire for me to be a SAHM was just as strong as mine which I consider myself very blessed!). We had our own little tiny apartment (with a washer and dryer even!), a car and food on the table so we felt pretty darn...
Dang! My boys are in school and don't encounter half the junk you have described. We are pretty lucky. Maybe it's the area. I'm in Olympia, WA which is pretty health conscious. Ds1's school has great lunches...stuff like hummus with whole wheat pita, organic baked potatoes, Sicilian Chicken Pizza and they always have a salad bar with lots of organic choices on it. He did have one teacher that did candy bribes which I didn't like at all but luckily that doesn't seem...
My older ds went through a phase were he was having accidents at night. He must have been about 7, almost 8? It was very very frustrating for all of us. He finally stopped as suddenly as it started. We couldn't figure out a reason for it either. It was like there was no "hmmm, I think I have to go pee in a little bit" it was just "I'm fine, don't have to go - CRAP! I HAVE TO GO PEE RIGHT NOW!" A friend's son went through the same thing around 8 and luckily he's...
I refer to our most used bathroom as the "kids" bathroom. It could kind of sound bad if you gave me some towels and I said "Oh thank you, I'll put them in the kids bathroom". It could sound like I thought they were ugly and so I just gave them to the kids to use but really it's the main bathroom so it's really the best bathroom to put them in.
It's too bad she can't laugh about it with you. People often describe me as somewhat of a priss but had it been me I would have found it hilarious. Especially after hearing the story that goes with it about not wanting to wake the LO because I can relate to that 100%!
I guess I'm a bad mom since my two boys are playing the Xbox that my brother sent them right now! Seriously though, while I make sure that I'm the filter for what comes into the house, I try not to freak out about it too much. We eat healthy...lot of fruits, veggies, etc but sometimes we buy the junky cereal that comes with the junky toy. We don't do a ton of "screen time" but both the boys (4 1/2 and 10) love to watch Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Bizzare Foods, and...
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