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If you paid for the finger printing out of pocket, could you then take whoever it is or the company to court for the costs? Maybe I watch too much Judge Judy!
Can someone be just "a little bit racist"? I think it's more of an either/or thing but that's just me. I'm really glad that you told him that you found the email offensive and that you didn't want to be a part of that. Good for you!
I enjoy holding and cooing at other peoples babies because I get to give them back when they cry or start to smell!
Could it be possible that he was just joking about leaving his ds home alone? Like sometimes when dh and I are together without the kids and someone asks where they are we'll answer "Oh, they're just out in the car" and then when they get that shocked look we say real quick "don't worry, we cracked the windows". Of course we ALWAYS follow up with a "JUST KIDDING! They are with their grandparents..." So maybe this dad was using the same sort of wierd humor? Or is that...
I'm sorry about the rooster. =( We had a little flock and a couple of racoons got into the coop one night and killed them all. They actually dug under one of the corners to get in. It was awful. I went down to let them out the next morning and they were torn to pieces all over the yard. I loved them so much...the mama was very tame and would hop on your lap for some love.
My dh is a teacher (choir director/weight trainer at a HS). We own a home and while things can be tight it's doable. Dh is also the Minister of Music/organist at our church and also coaches football so both those help a lot. We do without a lot of "toys", eating out to eat, etc, but we still live very comfortably. It can be trying at times because he's very very busy but we make it work because it's really important to the both of us that I'm a SAHM.
My dh is a choir director, pianist, composer, church organist, football coach (Go D-Line!), weightlifter, pilot...he cried at the births of his babies and yells at the tv while watching football...so is he "manly" or a "wuss"? He would *never* say anything like that to either of our boys.
Growing up, my dad always said "OY!" when we sneezed. So now it's habit for me to say.
I voted other because most of the time I do the bulk of "household" chores because he keeps a crazy schedule with all of his rehearsals/performances/football coaching/church music director job/etc but if I need help he'll do it. I never have to ask him to "watch" the kids. He parents 50/50 with me.
YES! I put on a clean pair every day. My dh does as well.
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