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My mom found her head on a body modeling "ski wear" in a business ad once in a phone book. I guess she had done some modeling a few years before and now people were just taking her head and sticking it on things!
We use our church nursery. I know the people working there and they are very attentive and loving to all the kids and the room is nice and clean. I am really spoiled in having such a nice nursery for the kids to use! If the kids are happy and comfortable and you feel at ease with it then go for it! =)
She's going both ways. The movement to change directions is very subtle and fluid but it's just doing rotations each way.
We all say it, quite often and randomly, through the day.
Quote: Read "A Soprano on Her Head: Right-Side-Up Reflections on Life and Other Performances" I also recommend this book. She has some wonderful thoughts on performing. You'll be fine! Just enjoy yourself and the excitement that comes along with putting a show together. I am working on Haydn at the moment which is nerve racking because there are some crazy gnarly runs and that's never been my strength but I'm just going to keep at it and...
Ds2 uses them for water on his nightstand at night and if my Ds1 does the same sometimes...and he's NINE! I have to say that I have put more thought into the virtues (or not) of sippy cups while reading this thread then I have since I've had kids!
My staying at home with our boys was a choice that dh and I made together. It is something that is very important to both of us. I know he respects and values my role in our family ~ he shows it every day. I am sorry that you aren't feeling respected. Have you talked about it? Maybe he doesn't realize that he is coming across that way?
Ds2 loves pink. He usually chooses that color first when painting and when we were at the dentist they gave the kids these water bottle things and he was adamant about wanting the pink one. Ds1, who is 9, doesn't see anything wrong with boys liking pink either.
I'm no expert but I think I would be inclined to wait until the adult teeth came in.
Quote: So wouldn't it make sense to figure out *why* she is doing these things? Instead of shaming her by sticking her face in the corner, wouldn't getting to the root of the problem be easier for everyone in the long run? I do not think you are being unreasonable in your expectations of her helping with chores or not making such purposeful messes, but I really think the sitting in the corner facing a wall part is pretty shaming. :
New Posts  All Forums: