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Ds1 is 5 years older than Ds2. It has it's ups and downs. The down was I was so out of *baby mode* that it was kind of a shock at first. Like somehow I had managed to forget sleepless nights, diaper changing and everything else that comes with a baby. The up side was that there were no rivarly ~ Ds1 was old enough to understand what a baby entails and how much work they are and that it didn't mean that he wasn't special. Ds1 loves helping out and is old enough to...
If it were my son who was breaking your toys by being too rough and not listening to you, I would most certainly want to know! I can't correct the behavior (respecting other peoples property and following other's rules at their house) if I don't know about it.
You can change your mind! You have to make sure you are at a studio that is right for you and your children. It's not a big deal. I think the class with the older boys sounds great for your ds.
I've met Alton Brown. He's really nice. He is funny too.
Same here, Lalaland42!
1.digital camera 2. cd's 3. pens 4. bills (bleh!) 5. a bunch of James Jordan choral rehearsal books 6. sheet music 7. phone book 8. manuscript of a piece dh is working on 9. Mozart doll 10. pictures of the kids, dh and I
My grandparents have always been very involved with the fire stations in their district and when my Meema passed they wanted to have one of their engines lead the procession. It was so moving to see the huge engine and then the hearse right behind and then all of the other cars following. However, about halfway there someone cut in between the engine and the hearse! Uh HELLO!!! : I didn't know you were supposed to pull over. What a sweet gesture. I would never...
It's what I feel my calling is. =)
We usually bring flowers or maybe a bottle of fancy lemonade. Friends usually bring flowers or wine or something when they come to our house...we don't feel all formal or anything. It's totally casual but it's just something little that makes your friends feel special and loved! A friend's daughter picked out these really cool flowers that she thought I would like (and I did!) and I just felt so touched that she thought of me when she saw them.
Here is my schedule I made for myself that I try to stick to. It seems like a lot but I only spend about 20 - 30 minutes on whatever room is scheduled for that day and then the daily stuff doesn't take long at all. I really like a clean house but don't really enjoy cleaning so I try to stay on top of things so that I can spend the least amount of time daily on it. I promise that I am not anal about things but this schedule really helps me! MONDAY The Living...
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