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I saw an episode where she was trying to find someone to come clean and she wasn't happy with the lady because she left a dust bunny behind a hamper and didn't take all the videos out of the shelf and dust behind them or something. It was a little odd. I consider myself a neat freak to some extent as I really like a clean and tidy house but I have never been upset about a dust bunny!
Singing is my life (besides my family of course!) and a huge part of our family life as well. I love singing all styles...classical is my favorite though. My husband is the founder and director of a community choir (www.olympiachoral.org) and I sing with the group as well. I was recently the soprano soloist for Mozart's Requiem which was one of my all time favorites ~ I was really sad for it to be over! I also really enjoy singing at funerals/memorial services and make...
18 when I had ds1 and had just turned 24 the day before ds2 was born! (Happy birthday, mommy! )
I would either layer a tank top with wider straps underneath so you can wear your normal bra(I've done it before and it looks cute) or get a bra with the clear straps. I have one of those and while you would still see the straps, it's wouldn't be so glaringly screaming out BRA STRAPS!!!
Once when we were camping, ds1 had to go to the bathroom. It was dark out so we both took a flashlight and headed over to the porta potty. So he goes in and I am standing out side and all of a sudden I here him say "Oh no!" so I wait a second, don't hear anything and then tell him to open the door. He does and he's holding the flashlight and says "I dropped the flash light in the toilet." So I point my flashlight at him and he's holding a flashlight COVERED in other...
I'm going to be the oddball here. I borrowed my inlaws for a couple of weeks to try it out before I actually put money out for it and I'm so glad I did. I just didn't like it at all. I much prefer an electric hand mixer and to do bread either by hand or to use the dough cycle on my bread machine and then bake it in the oven. I bake/cook a lot and I just didn't find that it made things easier for me or fit into what I needed.
What a bunch of smart @$$es we are!
In my neighborhood it seems like EVERYONE has outdoor cats. You don't know how sick I am of them skulking around my yard, pooping in my garden beds, chasing off/catching the songbirds, and attacking my little flock of urban chickens (which while we *love* the eggs ~ they are really pets and we all love them!). I have to keep my back window open all the time and constantly check to make sure the girls are okay and that no one is stalking them. I usually have to chase off...
I don't think I would want them to stop telling me about everything. My 8 year old likes to talk to me about all sorts of things ~ at the moment it's a lot about Pokemon and Neopets. On my own, I could care less about them but because he likes it ~ I like to learn about it and I even have my own neopet on neopets.com! I try to make sure that I always have an open ear for him (sometimes that means saying that I'm doing xyz at the moment so let's talk later) because I...
So funny! My dh also talks in his sleep and I'm glad to find that I'm not the only one who finds entertainment in having conversations with him!
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