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My daughter (half Mexican) has a very small one.
I like either fruit or raisins on mine. Brown sugar if I'm indulging.
Definitely report it, that is just out of line and beyond inappropriate.
I think it's a luxury. We don't buy it regularly, maybe once a month.
It's a great movie, but I think there are some kind of scary parts in it...I remember being a little scared when I was in elementary school.
There are a few movies that I can watch again & again for the interiors: Amelie The Holiday (that British cottage?!) PS I Love You I don't even really like romantic comedies, but I love the interiors, haha. How 'bout you?
They would see my kidlets in various stages of undress most of the time, or in very interesting dress-up outfits. Me drinking apple juice out of the jug at 4am. The cat hissing at the dog, the dog cowering from the cat.
I'm about an hour a half away from SD in the Imperial Valley but I am up there quite a bit as we have nothing down here!
Welcome, I'm in soCal also!
My daughter is 4 and she just recently started holding her pencil correctly.
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