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So, can someone just explain this to me?    The way I see it, the force involved via being dropped, bounced on, tossed around by baggage handlers, etc is surely MUCH less significant than the force experienced in a car crash? Yes?   There is also the obvious difference of a child not actually being IN the seat while all these baggage handlers are trying to make my seat unsafe. Therefore, while the seat is being tossed around, it is not receiving stress to the...
Our fridge is taped shut w/clear packing tape.   There is no wine in our wine cabinet. Had to move it to the pantry.    The dead bolt on our front door is always locked, otherwise he will leave.    Our pantry doors are folding doors and the two knobs are tied together w/ribbon to keep him from pillaging our entire food supply.    All of my toiletry items (makeup, lotion, deodorant, hair products, etc) are on the counter in the bathroom and the drawer...
ALL non-secured items on a plane are dangerous in the event of severe turbulence. I don't see any tethers on the hot coffee pots on the service cart...or mandatory velcro restraints on laptops, etc.   And you must live in the land of Trees 'O Money...first the "If you can't afford a baby ticket you can't afford to fly," then the "OHMYGOSH, your baby's seat was checked??? It's now a death trap! If you love your baby you have to buy a new one!!!" Ya know, like $200 bucks is...
Welcome! There's always room for dads! 
No. That is not CIO. 
So, I just have to ask....did you drink it like a smoothie or eat it like a soup?   I'm usually in the "Don't yuck my yum" camp, but, um....   I'm glad you liked it, though.         
Good call. 
      to you.    She's 5. You are a grown up. You sort of speak two different languages right now. You are going to have communication issues sometimes. Hang in there. Parenting is trial and error. Just try to learn from your mistakes, take it one day at a time (or one minute at a time) and strive for more positive interactions than negative, more good days than bad, more happy than sad. It'll work out in the end. You don't have to end up parenting exactly like your...
Whew...That's good to know...cause if you guys were mocking him, I think I'd find that to be the thing I'd be most offended by.        
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