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I have a frontier installed w/sb in my 2004 Nissan Murano. It was easy, peasy. It was also easy to install w/LATCH outboard, but I prefer to have him in the middle since he is FF. :)  
Consolidated this w/another listing. :)  
Hi Mamas,   In my spring cleaning efforts, I've sorted through our CDing supplies and found several things that we don't use anymore. I'd LOVE to send them all to the same place in one package, but will break it up if you just want one thing. All items are listed as Free For Shipping. I ship first class parcel post via USPS w/delivery confirmation, which will be about $5.00 for the whole lot of items or $3.00 for each individual item. Sorry, I won't send packages...
I live in the Bay Area in California. This article was in today's local paper:   http://www.mercurynews.com/science/ci_17919931?source=rss&nclick_check=1   How is it possible that this sort of mis-information is allowed to be printed w/out ANY mention that parents ultimately have rights and don't HAVE to have their child vaccinated as a requirement for attending public school?     The entire article is unsettling, but this quote just made me so...
I used Homestead for all my website stuff, including domain registration. 
I've "Liked" Mothering on FB for a long time! 
What a cutie! I LOVE his hair before and now. The page boy cut just makes me melt.   
Well, DS's hair isn't straight, but it is long and curly.When I wash it in the bath, it's below his shoulders, but it curls up a ton when dry.  He's 17 months and hasn't had a haircut yet. (I do trim his bangs when they get long enough that they are in his eyes.)   I just love seeing boys with long hair or hair with personality!     DH, my mom, my MIL, pretty much everyone except one friend of mine is always on my case about cutting his hair. I refuse to get his...
Well, I'm not going to be much help, because I would have used the changing table. I always have a sling/blanket/jacket something that I put on the table not only for padding, but also for germs. I never use the belt thing. I really don't understand the whole "can't use it cause my kid won't be still" thing. I have a wiggly worm 16 month old. A SUPER wiggly worm. We use a changing table at home. We use changing tables when we are out. Sometimes he is more cooperative...
Have never tried a Beco. Would love the chance.   I think more dads would wear their babes if the carriers were made for them in terms of size, comfort, color, etc. :)
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