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I've always thought a picnic basket would be cute for storing TP. I store our's in the cabinet above the toilet though.
My son does the same thing. Honestly I've never really thought much about it and just draw what he asks for. He does it mostly when we color or do side walk chalk. If we're doing it on paper I usually get a separate piece to draw my things so I can keep his art separate. When we paint he doesn't seem to ask me to do anything so maybe a different medium would allow her to focus on just the flow and movement of color rather than drawing concrete things?
I'd look into GABA. DH and I both take it. It's more for anxiety and relaxing you though. I'm not sure how much its really been studied with bf'ing. I still take it and bf my son but he's 2+ so he's not getting as much milk as your LO.    I mostly just wanted to send you hugs! I don't have second child but your scenario about shopping at Target? That isn't exactly cake with just my two year old so I can't imagine it with a baby to boot! As for maybe a random new activity...
 To all you momma's who wear dresses/skirts. I like the idea in theory but not in practice. This week I had my skirt blow up at the post office and today was paranoid I was going to flash somebody putting my son in his carseat at the grocery store. Lol I suck at being ladylike apparently. Good thing I'm not a celeb or the tabloids would be all over my butt (literally.) Do you all just have more skills than me? Longer hemlines? Leggings? 
My son likes to drive his Thomas around our Plan City parking garage haha. I'd be worried the tracks would be too small because the car that came with our garage is quite small and I see the train being small too. I see Thomas being able to drive on the roads pretty good though. Hopefully somebody who actually owns the train tracks will respond and be able to compare them better. Here are some size comparisons with the plan car, road piece, and one of the plan...
AHHH! I love that you see the tease of Momma Weasley taking down Bellatrix. I can't wait to see that part haha.
I'm watching! OT but since when is gossip allowed? I saw that mentioned in another thread too but I never saw an official post about it. I love me some tabloids so I'm down with the rule change! 
I'm no help with the night nursing. We still nurse to bed/nap every time. DH put DS to sleep without nursing for the first time EVER a few weeks ago and I'm still amazed.    I was so excited to see pics in this thread!! More May baby pics plz! Here is my little man Easter morning:            I can't believe they're almost 2!
Mine will try to do this sometimes. I've had to take a big ribbon and loop it around a million times so he can't do it. A bike lock would be a better solution lol. The playground is right down from our house so he often wants to escape and go there. I don't leave him in the yard alone for any longer than it takes me to run in to grab him a snack or the phone. I usually read or play on my ipod outside. DS rarely asks me to play with him outside but he doesn't like me too...
I'd say it's far more likely... If/When Meredith gets pregnant she will have some horrible complication that sends her straight to bedrest. She'll have an equally dramatic delivery. Addison will have to fly out for the birth and they'll have a "Oh look how far we've come I'm delivering my ex husband's once dirty mistress's baby" moment. Once the baby is fine and healthy Meredith would have to have a crises about balancing motherhood and being a doctor. The chief will...
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