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One of my dogs is disgusting like that too. I found two pair partly consumed yesterday in fact. : :Puke I am actually getting close to having to buy more for me and my girls because of this. It's simply revolting.
I think it's funny that it's being called a ranch style house. I've not hear that term except for a ranch house which is on a ranch! I live in a neighborhood with these kind of houses and we call them ramblers. One level house with a basement. We have an addition off the back so our square footage is larger than most around here, but average is over 200,000, sometimes close too 300,000. Houses are high priced around here in the Minneapolis area.
Oh good lord. I have horrid memories of water bugs from the time I lived in Texas. Many a sleepless nights were had from me standing in the middle of my bedroom after one crawled on my bed. I would stand there for the longest time swaying from almost falling asleep standing up. I hate those bugs/roaches. *shudders* p. s. Cool thread to resurface.
I write my 7 with a line through it too. My z's as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThreeBeans If I tried that, all the other students in the class would run screaming in horror. And the pole might break in self defense. I am not particularly coordinated or rhythmical : :
How awful. Rest in peace mama.
I'm dying at the thought of you losing your sarong! I sure hope he's chipped too. That's great you took him in. I hope the soreness goes away fast. Karma will hopefully help that along for doing good.
The watering hole isn't working for me either. Bummer.
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