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Now you've done it. I'm addicted to the watering hole cam. :
: What a major bummer!
Woohoo! 20 is no small feat! Congrats!
Congrats Jeca!
Oooooooo...I see tons of stars on the pyramid cam.
It is soooooo cool to hear the sounds of Africa! Why do I keep hearing hoof sounds though?? So is this time stamp on there: Current time in Nkorho Pan : Wednesday 11th Apr 2007 | 06:43:20 pm ...the correct time at this watering hole?
I love watching mares foal. http://www.foalnet.com/ If you click on the "Foaling Alert Monitor" on the left it will make a sound when a mare is ready to foal. I alos have been watching a pair of falcons. http://rfalconcam.com/rfc-main/multiView.php Here's a bee cam: http://www.draperbee.com/webcam/beecam.htm Here is the pyramids: http://www.pyramidcam.com/ Old Faithful: http://www.nps.gov/archive/yell/oldfaithfulcam.htm Mt St Helen:...
I was hesitant at first to being a younger 30 something but am so happy I did. I've gotten in touch with a long lost friend from elementary school which makes it worth it right there. I have my friends and family on it and some of my favorite music and political people on it too. Very fun and easy way to keep in touch with people.
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky It just occurred to me that the bride has no intentions whatsoever to get to know the OP's DH at all, or ever get close to him. I'm friendly with all of my friend's DPs because I would love for our entire families to be super close for the long term. This woman seems to have no such goals. Riversky has all the good thoughts today on this. I completely agree with this sentiment as well, your friend has no...
Interesting. I've never heard of this for sposies before. I never used them, but interesting non-the-less. Was a religious cloth user with my two kiddos.
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