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Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky I think it's very bad karma for her own marriage. She has no concept whatsoever of what it is to be married...wow. I think this is huge. I also agree that I'm not going to an event where my husband isn't welcome. I think it's extremely rude and very weird to be honest. It makes my head : to think hard about it.
Mine is on there. But it's a family name, it's my Gramma's mom's maiden name. I love it since I'm a genealogy junky.
Awww. I hope all is okay. I'm sorry you can't be with her.
Over! Under is a travesty! As much as it pains me to see it under at a persons house though, I won't change it. I think that's rude.
His name isn't on it.
.oot eM Me and LAB can be senior title twins. Quote: Originally Posted by littleaugustbaby can i stay banned please? or actually ?esaelp dennab yats i nac
Hello all. I haven't gotten to read all the posts here but wanted to get out some feelings I'm having. I met my bio-mom when I was 18 (I'm 33 now). It's been great and fine and we are still in touch. It's like I'm part of her family. The subject of my bio dad came up one time when I was 19 and she simply glassed over and said "I don't know if you look like him, I don't think about it." Needless to say I was a little taken aback by that. I never brought it up...
I know what she's doing! Banning us all just to make her job easier!
Ann-Marita! :
You have a question??
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