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Drive time??
I have tons I can do too: ~ Sort Laundry. ~ Start a load. ~ About 3 loads to fold. ~ Clean bathroom. ~ Put dishes in dw away. ~ Vacuum/dust living room. That's a short list, but it's a start.
My cat will lick pictures if I let her.
I like this from the Moscow map: Turn left at Пречистенская набережная.
SWIM across????
Wow, lots of weird : out there.
Bump. Must see if others will comment. :
I did see this but the second half I was distracted so I didn't get to watch it very well. I'd love to see it again in full with my undivided attention. I thought what I did see was very compelling. Do you know if it will be on again?
Should I buy this DVD for you too Jeca?? Sorry...inside joke for us. lol
I just finished this set of all five books and I thought it was really cute. It was very HP-esque at first, but once the character building took place it was interesting. It held my interest. The writing style is different, but I didn't mind it.
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