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He used to post here. I bet his name is still on the member list.
Aww, I'm sorry. *hug*
I did a search but didn't find anything on this. My cat does this a lot and it bugs me. Just wondering why. Any insights?
Ick. And you want to send flowers to this person?? Neighbor or not, I think she is someone I'd not want to be friends with anymore. This lady really made an impression on your dd in a very negative way. Being friends with someone that treats others that way isn't a message I want my children to have.
I would have asked her wtf she was talking about. I get a coffee drink a lot before shopping in my local (the big name coffee counter is right in the store) Target and see others doing the same thing. That is just freakin weird she even felt the need to say something to you about it. Boggles the mind what comes out of some peoples mouths.
You don't sound like a bad parent at all. It seems she didn't even give you a chance to follow up on the friends'-ds-knocking-down-your-dd issue, she simply flew off the handle. She was wrong in every thing she said and did. She doesn't have any right to judge you in how you parent. So is her type of disiplining fear based? We all know how that works. In this type of situation that I've been in before, the parent will talk to all the kids before they go on the...
Wow. Do you know how they present it to the kids? Do they send home a paper telling parents that it's going to be covered?
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca GEMINI!!! I missed you, you been partying without me??? I've missed you too! I thought you were lost and gone forever! I just haven't been coming around as much anymore that's all. P.S. So how is your poor face?
Quote: Originally Posted by Monkeygrrl i think *all* of it needs to be taught by the parents...however, we all know that this is not occuring...i dont know how much of it should/could be taught in the schools though...thats a tough one for me... peace... I agree with that too, that it *isn't* being taught to so many children, so perhaps some education is better than none at all. It is a tough one for me too.
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