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sounds like a rough one, boodafli. hope you are feeling better !
my 8 yo ds is on the 'no fly' list. or atleast someone with the same name is. we couldnt' do electronic check in, or curbside. they made us go to the main desk, then asked him a few questions and asked us for his passport. we were pretty blown away, and i remember saying "umm,you need a passport to go to New Jersey now?" we were in oregon at the time. i did not have a passport, but had both ds's social security cards, and that seemed to please them.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaverdi My youngest son evidently has epilepsy. Just found out today that um he had this diagnosis. Would have been nice for the neurologist to tell me, instead of the school district. But he also skipped town and moved somewhere else without telling us, so He's had seizures since he was 20 months old at least. I think my oldest son may be having seizure activity, but so far no one has looked at him seriously...
Quote: Originally Posted by loriforeman my aunt has pretty severe epilepsy, and my uncle had a seizure disorder. my first cousin had a seizure last year...but it's the only one she's had. my aunt's are mostly controlled by medication, but every few years...it just stops working. i lived with her while growing up (mom and her still have a house together), and i remember her being hospitalized for over a month, losing over fifty pounds...because they...
Quote: Originally Posted by dbsam I posted a while back about my daughter's seizures. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=718842 We also have no family history or head trauma. My daughter has been on Depakote and actually it makes her hungry - all of the time. At the beginning she was sick to her stomach and lost her appetite but she quickly regained it and more. The drug is affecting her liver negatively and I am worried. However, it...
on our way to the neuro today, for a 6month appt. ds is not having seizures, but also not thriving. wish us luck, i'm always a total wreck with these appts. the entire family goes and we just act like its as normal as anything. and i'm so glad about this thread and it being active. i want to reply to some posts specifically, but dont have time right now. to everyone!
yes, supposedly now the term petit-mal is outdated, and the medical industry uses the term absence seizure. my son was having about 30 a day, he seemed so incredibly tired and soooo foggy, so to hear you say it was like a weird heaviness sounds about right.
i'm so glad there is interest in this thread! seizures are so weird, and no one seems to experience them the same. finding info can be difficult. so, what do absence seizures feel like? moondiaper - congrats to your sister!!!!! that is so wonderful!
another bump!
well, ds got hurt at school yesterday, and not because he had a seizure. he was playing hard, running and being silly when he decided to jump off the play-structure. he landed on his feet, but then fell on his back. this happened while i was on my way to school. the nurse pretty much completely over reacted and scared the crap out of ds. he was fine, but she had heard from some other kids that they heard his back crack when he landed. he landed on the squishy...
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