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if so, maybe you would be interested in sharing your story. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=754397
if so, maybe you'd be interested in sharing stories with us. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=754397
yep, cod liver oil. the taurine that we give is also good for the neurotransmitters functionality. does anyone else do supplements?
yea, kathryn, i totally agree. the side effects suck. we give him a high calorie, high protein breakfast, and then when dh picks him up after school, he usually has him finish his lunch in the car. he started bawling the other day when we were talking about it, saying "mom i just dont know what it feels like to be hungry" i'm afraid the neuro is going to want to try different meds, which means a total rollercoaster for a while, and i dont want to do that. i...
so, it seems that some of us have epilepsy in our family, some have suffered an illness or brain trauma that caused it, but does anyone else just have no flippin' idea where this comes from? neither dh or i have any history and we cannot pinpoint any trauma in ds. his MRI came back completely normal. also, what different meds is everyone on? do you have any trouble with side effects? the zarontin that ds is taking makes him never hungry. i feel like he is whittling...
fancyd, that must be so scary to have him hospitalized every time he has a seizure. it does truly blow. i'm glad his meds are working right now. kathryn, is the keppra working?
mamatohaleybug, i hope you can get more information about your dd. its so stressful not knowing whats going on. : when is your appt at the Children's hospital? MB - sounds like you have had a rollercoaster ride of epilepsy for yourself, and then to experience it with your children must be difficult. i feel like my ds's absence seizures aren't that big of a deal compared to how much many others suffer.
i do not have any experience with epidural for epilepsy, but i hope your friend finds a solution she is comfortable with. i definitely think she should ask her neurologist. i started a thread in special needs parenting hoping people could share info/stories about seizures. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...28#post9224028 maybe someone will post something there or if anyone ever replies they might have some info for you.
i thought it might be cool to have a thread to discuss seizure experiences. i have noticed a lot of posts on mdc from people who have to deal with this. i'm always looking for more information and trying things to help my ds who was diagnosed w/ childhood absence epilepsy roughly two years ago. is anyone else interested? here is our story.... i had been noticing some weird 'tics' in my 6yo ds in the early winter. he would often not reply to me and look away,...
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