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4 seems a bit young, but i would definitely take my 8 yo if he wasn't so sensitive to heat.
its been a long time since i updated this thread.... my ds has been on zarontin since april of 06'. i haven't seen a seizure since june of 07'!!!!!!!!!!!! this, of course, doesn't mean he isn't still having them. but, for others who may be searching for info, i thought it would be good to share.
Unschoolin Ma, you are soo cute!
I like it when its hot! summer is my favorite! the only bummer about it is my son's epilepsy medication complicates with the heat, so whenever its hot out he has a really hard time. dry is much more comfortable!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! that is such wonderful news! here's to another two years!
you can't always tell by first glance if a child is medically stable. i would not send my 8 year old epileptic son into the men's room alone. he hates coming with me, but he has to. to the OP - maybe one of the boys you saw has a medical condition that needs his mothers attention. try to release your weird feelings about it and remember, its a mom making sure her sons are safe. thats a GOOD thing!
when i was on food stamps, i would find every possible coupon i could and clip coupons to help save money and make the fs last as long as possible. i was oten glared at for buying organic health food items, but oh well. for the most part i didn't care.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2Sweeties1Angel artgoddess, you might as well hang it up. Some people are NEVER going to get it until something happens in their lives to make them understand. It's like talking to a wall. good point. i know i've learned many life lessons only after experiencing it. but in this format i think its important to share other viewpoints. this is a huge message board and maybe someone else reading along will benefit.
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess I don't think people were reading between the lines, more having issue with what the words they were reading. That said I think you are completely wrong about your thoughts on Mental Illness. I hope that this does not come to bite you in the ass one day, that would be a terrible thing. I'm sure it was not your intention, but what you are saying borders on insulting to people who have suffered from PPD, or any...
hahahahahaha, thats awesome!
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