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UnschoolInMa, i like your location! LOL
i often have a few different songs stuck in my head... but for years and years, my 'default' song was "janie's got a gun" by aerosmith. stupid effing song, i HATE it, and it would just creep in all the time, for years and years and years! now one might think "oh, well obviously miss brookely here has been in a similar situation as janie and was molested by her father/stepfather". however, that is not the case. i dont know why the hell that particular song was stuck......
i'm shocked that anyone didnt' realize this issue here. when i came to mothering, a long time ago, one of the main discussions of race that we had related to the magazine and HOW EVERYONE IN THE MAG WAS WHITE ALL THE TIME. anyone else remember? i beleive thats still an issue, except i gave up reading the mag a long time ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess FireFog I guess I can see what you are saying. I jut find it hard to say "Yeah for SAHM's: without the underlying feeling that SAHM's are somehow better. I rather just say "Yeah for moms" and leave it at that. yeah for moms! all moms! and dads! :
Quote: Originally Posted by babylove2007 I think that's the case for everybody though, not just SAHM's. WOHM's aren't in total control either or completely invulnerable due to earning a paycheck. Anyone could lose a spouse, or a job, or a home, or their health. The illusion of "total control" is an illusion for all human beings. absolutely. in no way did i mean to imply ANYONE is in control. wohm, sahm, whatever, we all have experiences to...
Quote: Originally Posted by utopia760 no matter how much i might complain about all the duties i must do i love what i do and WOULD NEVER change it. I couldent imagin anyone else taking care of my child, if someone else was with my child while i worked their views on things would be instilled into my child and they may not be a realistic view or one that i even want my child to know about. i know by being a sahm i am in control and showing the best i can...
wow, i found your other post in the confessions thread much more 'ultimate' than this.
yea, they sorta interviewd them after their set. thanks for checkign it out! indy radio is AWESOME!
well, its over now. but if you ever want to check it out, it'll be archived on that website soon. Their band is The Decliners!
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